My son and I at a local con. Ad Astra


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What were the guns....
The gun that I am holding is a pistol cast from an original stunt gun from Earth Final Conflict. It was hollow cast and and painted black. I then ran a silver sharpie across it to give it some detail to stand out in photos.
My sons gun is a super soaker(vaporizer) The only thing I did to it was a paint job, no mods at all.
Thanks for the kind words.


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Is that....Is that what I think it is? Is that a blue Jodo Kast chest symbol? Swwwwweeeeeeettttt(y)


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Sweet!!!...and good to see there is one more father out there who's Mando'n it up with their kid.(y)

I like the paint scheme on your custom, especially the colors on helmet and that one shoulder bell with the skull

...and your son looks like he'd be a good candidate for some Cruzer kid sized gauntlets when they're finally released...daddy can't have "all" the good gear to himself! ;) :lol:

Nice pics too.

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