My sintra armor shaped!

Looks pretty close. 'Course it'd be easier to tell if it was on you. Maybe tape it on the T-shirt?

At any rate, I think it's pretty close, as I said. Good job.
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You really have to see it on you to make an accurate judgment. What is right on one may not be on another. The pattern itself looks pretty good though
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I think it looks close.
Something else that might help is the collar armor and shoulder bells. That should fill in lots of room and even out your armor. Remember, you still need to mold the armor to fit your body.
But it looks good to me.(y)
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very nice dude. that looks great. Did u mold the back piece directly to ur back? looks all good to me too. Maybe put it all together before you scrap that collar portion. Everything basically complements each other and who knows? You might of had it done right the first time. Just my advise.

yeah i molded it onto my back. i didnt really know how else to do it an make it look okay. should i have done it a better/differant way?
no, i like the way it came out. I find that sometimes moldinig things to my body doesnt work out. Like when i tried to mold my knees our syntra there were areas that were bumpy and curved, luckily boba freekk told me to mold them to spray cans. Something that wont move while its being molded. And also, the knees arent supposed to be perfectly shaped to the wearer's knees.

Looks great, once again. Makes me confident to do my back plate as well knowing it can be molded to my back!
yeah i got the plans for all the armor fromt he blue prints.

i tryed to mold the back plate without putting it on my back and it turned out very bad. so i just got a big copper pot and put it in the h2o and had my girl friend put it on my back and shape it. seemed to work good for me!
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