My shoulder Armor

I used Rogue Studio's (Lee's) found colors.
Reefer yellow for the base yellow 3 coats, misted over that with the up armor yellow(heavyer in some spot to give them lighter and darker spots, and Cat whisker yellow around the silver.
I used Grimy black for some weathering, white, yellow,black, and a mist of semi-flat black and just a slight mist of Burnt Umber spray Toner/stain(not much at all , in the MOM pics there are DRK Reddish spots) Then I used a Satin clear over it all.
Colors work Great! Thanks again LEE!
Robert E.
Nice bells! Those colors are so sweet, it beat's any other color out there.

Have you painted the gauntlets with the Wisconson maroon yet? I'm assuming your going ROTJ, the maroon is spot on!! Red gauntlets, or any other color for that matter, just dosn't cut it anymore now these paints have surfaced.

I'm Off work all next week to work on my ammo belt orders ;)
Hopefully I can work in painting the gauntlets. They are sprayed chrome and ready to go. :D
I'll post pics after I get them done.
Thanks for ALL the Compliments.
You guys are GREAT!!
Robert E.
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