My new armor


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I just my new fiberglass chest armor trimmed. What do you think?


Did you want constructive feedback from a wanna-be, me?
There seems to be a fold line running verticle on the chest pieces. I'm not sure if there's one in the original, but there is a definite curve in the chest and ab pieces which I think you attempted to replicate.

Otherwise...they look great! The outer angles of the ab piece look really good, the dimensions of the neck piece look good in relation to your chest pieces, and of course your diamond is the best ever!

I'd definitely buy a set!
Sorry Asok, I feel like a jerk. When I reread my post, I realized I might have sounded like a jerk. For some reason I was thinking you were looking for feedback before making molds. Your armor looks way more accurate than what I'm currently using and your design encourages me to fix mine.

However, now that we don't seem to have a good supplier of Jango fiberglass armor anymore, I was wondering if they were fiberglass and if you were going to make these pieces available for purchase?

No problem. I know what you ment. That is the only thing I hate about the written word. Even with these little guys :cheers :love :lol: It can be hard. :D

They are fiberglass. I mix power aluminum in with the resin. That way after you get them R'n'B and if while tropping you scratch them, it hard to tell. I hate when I see white on my armor from a scratch. So, when I make stuff, I make it the way I want mine and hope everybody else likes it. :lol: So, if you where doing a custom and the main color of the armor is blue, I would mix blue dye and/or the aluminum together. I would love to do a chest and cod that way. I think it would be fun.

If somebody wants the chest and/or cod just PM me. The cod pictured has been trimmed, filled, sanded, R'n'B and weathered. I have not gotten the far on the armor yet.

The last and missing part are the sholder bells. I am hoping to have the molds made in the next week.
Well, after a few weeks of looking, I found what I wanted as my templet for the sholder bells. They are about 5 3/4 inchs tall. I just need to make the mold. What do you think before I make the mold?



I have one cast but, I have not found the time to trim it yet. I am taking the week of Christmas off, so I should have pics up then.
Well, I got some freetime this afternoon and trimmed the one that I made. I tried to make the pics a little smaller so they would load faster. What do you think?




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