My MSH2 finaly finsihed. (pics)


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Well here it is in all of it´s glory, I think I´ve done a fair job considering that this is my first topical approach. What I tried to do was to get the overal look not an 100% replica of the original.

What do you think. The colors can´t be changed but if something is missing let me know, I´m gonna fix the simbol and the arch on the right ear I´m no happy with that.







Terrific job and great colors! Other than fixing up the symbol, I'd suggest a bit more weathering on the borden connector. The overall appearance of the helmet is fantastic, good work! :D
Thank´s people for the compliment.

I used Rouge Studios suggested colors, but the colors on the back were mixed together to make those colors.

I used Steve the swedes technique. I put on a black wash, and then misted it with black spray paint.

MARROW SUN, thank you for the hint, I will weather the connector, just forgot it.

I have already installed a servo that can be removed at will and the earcover is screwed in it´s place on the inside so I can remove it at will. That way I can accsess the rangefinder stalk if needed.

Also Bobos LED´s are installed in the Rangefinder.
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