My MOW ROTJ Gauntlets


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My MOW ROTJ Gaunts

So I intended to start a WIP thread for the painting of my ROTJ MOW Gauntlets. I had been working on the left one first, uploaded the photos and several photos somehow got corrupted during the upload.

So for the left, all I have to post is the shot of it with the chrome layer of paint, and a current shot of where it is now.

I'm doing the layered paintjob using Polly Scale Acrylics.

At the stage of photo 2, I (obviously) still have the rocket to do, and some smaller damage details.

Hopefully I'll have better luck with the photos as I finish this one up and start on the right gauntlet.

Comments welcome



Boba Leo

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Wau man Goooooooooooood work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here's an update.
Still only focusing on the left gauntlet, next I went in with a fine tipped silver paint pen on some of the detailing that was so fine, masking wouldn't work for.

After that I reproduced some of the white rubbed away areas with some very light shading with a white prismacolor pencil. The flash of the camera washes some of this away but it's visible around the corners of some of the well worn areas.

Next I did some light washing with a windex/black acrylic mix. Not much paint is needed in the mix, you don't want it too dark. This was a combination of spraying and letting dry naturally, and spraying and dabbing away. My rule of thumb on washing is it should take about 5-7 applications to an area to see results. AKA a very very slow buildup as opposed to a darker one time application that you can't go back on.

After that (using the C4 photos still) I noticed in a couple of the 3 corner crevices there was a build-up of what is presumably natural dust that really lightens the area in a powdery fashion. To achieve this I dabbed a q-tip into 99 cent baby powder and dabbed a healthy amount into those corners/crevices and then sealed those areas with a flat sealer.

Minus the rocket, Im about 85% done with the left one. Theres still some "mustard streaking" left to do and some other smaller details. Im taking my time on each piece, making sure Im completely satisfied before moving to the next.


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