My First Ever Weather Attempt


im working on weathering the helmet right now, but instead of jumping right into painting my $43 don post boba, i have decided to paint a normal bicycle helmet first, its already painted but i cant find my camera...also im going to add some sandtrooper sanding to it, so its not fully done lol but tell me what you think when i put up some pics in just about 5 minutes
well i took pictures and all that, but i cant find the bloody cord that plugs it into the computer...and it has no memory card im screwed for a few hours lol
ALRIGHT!!! i got pics!! (y) although the camera is really crappy so it did absolutly no justice...i did it first by putting a light grey primer then coating it with glossy black, then misting with chrome, then sprayed the tip of a ripped off tough sponge, alot like steel wool only not so tough lol and did all the scratches...then after that i did the sand trooper weathering from some website i found a while back...the white one with sierra mist sticker on it isnt what i used, but basically thats what it looked like when i started lol










tell me what you think, and please keep in mind this camera sucks so it actually looks ALOT better then it does here...and this is ONLY TO TEST WHAT I CAN DO!!! thank all of you

and YES that is paint, no mud, no dirt, no sand, no nothing, just spray paint and acrylic paint.
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I think it looks really good. Were you sent to mogadishu in 93 as part of a Bigwheel battalion? Seriously though I think you did an awesome job on the weathering. Heck it looks like you could even just keep that helmet for another outfit.
lol well i love the really dusty, dirty look, thats why my first costume ever was a tusken raider lol and i see enough sandtroopers so i thought id do something different...
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