My first Boba Fett ROTJ Helmet


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The helmet came out great, but you'll have to lose the viewfinder on the rangefinder (the ROTJ does not have one):

ROTJ Helmet.jpg


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Hi Guys,
thanks for replying and taking your time! :D

RafalFett: Thanks for the hint. I know that this is the wrong vf for the rf, but it came with this set.
At the moment I have no other one and to be honest no idea where to get the correct one. :notworthy:


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I'll be starting my ROTJ helmet soon. Boba Maker just shipped it out. With the current state of things it's been taking 8+ weeks to reach me. It's good to see these colors on here. Also nice spot on the rangefinder RafalFett that extra little square shape on the VF, while not painted black as in the ESB variant, had me looking on Boba Maker's website to verify, and he does indeed offer two styles (ESB & ROTJ) But here's what I'll expect in the next 8+ weeks.

Boba Maker ROTJ Helmet V4.jpg

I'll be applying the paint via an iWata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush. It'll be my first time airbrushing anything so I may take a few practice runs on my '96 Don Post that I have. Which I was gonna use at first and even went so far as to remove the plastic T-Visor and picked up a welding visor on amazon for.

Don Post 3.jpg
Don Post 8.jpg

Don Post Project 1.jpg

But have decided against this as the build price for everything ROTJ has now exceeded $3000. Coupling my ROTJ build with a Don Post bucket and Boba Maker Armor and Arkady Flight Suit may look a bit odd. So I thought I'd just bite down and spend the extra $395.00 to get a nice bucket. In the meantime, I'll rebuild the Don Post with a new paint job and add in the visor for display purposes. I'm confident I can do a better paint job than Mr. Post has done on this piece. ;)



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Outstanding work!!! I have some Tamiya for an ROTJ paintjob, what ratio do you recommend for the Dunkelgrün RLM82 (XF-71/XF-53/XF-73)?