My first Boba Fett ROTJ Helmet


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Hi there,

the last view month TDH was a big source and Inspiration for my first airbrush paint up of a Boba Fett ROTJ helmet.

Of course I use RafalFett's Stencils and Templates from here! A big thank you to him for his fantastic work!

By chance I got a raw cast of a resin BF helmet. During the handling I had some problems with the cast and the paints I wanted to use.

Here are some pictures from beginning in Sept. 2017 to this date. Yes I know I'm slow-going. ;)


The cast was a very poor cast and I had to a lot of filling and sanding.

But with the first layer of primer it looked quite good.



I wanted to use use most of the existing humbrol acrylic colors and the non existing I wanted to mix with tamiya acrylics (I love Tamiya Colors!).

The first layer was Humbrol acrylic silver and I used a rattle can. Everything looked good so far.
First fitting of the self made T-Visor. I just have to cut the lower end after finishing the paint Job.
I used a Screen of a welding helmet.



But sadly I had massive problems with processing the humbrols acrylis.



After a lot of trying with different ratios I quit using humbrol and I decided to use only Tamiya and mix everything I need.

And than the fun Begins... stenceling and masking! :confused:
Started with the back panels and keyslots.


i51775biul1m.jpg i51776b9mp5r.jpg



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Right now I'm very unsure how to move on. The next thing which I want to do are the killstripes.

Do I have to remove any masking before I mask the stripes or do I have to leave everything as it is and mask the killstripes across previous dome masking?

Is there a template or anything else how the stripes have to be aligned on the side or is this visual judgement?


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Thanks for the kind words! Your paint job looks great so far!
Use the helmet perspective view from this thread to align the killstripes ==> Boba Fett ROTJ Helmet Stencils :

But remember to always use images of the original helmet from the TDH Gallery (quick jump here ==> Boba Fett Return of the Jedi | Boba Fett Costume and Prop Maker Community - The Dented Helmet, here ==> Star Wars The Magic of Myth | Boba Fett Costume and Prop Maker Community - The Dented Helmet or here ==> Star Wars the Exhibition | Boba Fett Costume and Prop Maker Community - The Dented Helmet).


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Pretty good layer application for acrylic, usually I'm scared to stray from enamels when dealing with big flat stuff.

As for the killstripes, I usually do it after removal and remask whats needed, but I'm an ESB painter. ROTJ doesn't look like it'll be too different, but yeah, definitely a lot more silver micro-specs peeking through. You can either try to leave the masking on and damage it up for where the killstripe paint will show (almost impossible with latex though), remove it all and try to remask the specs, or topically paint the silver over the stripes after.


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Thanks RafalFett, I didn't had this perspective from you in mind! Beautiful overview and perfect for aligning! Thanks mate!

Tamiya Acrylics are wonderful, Grimstuff. Very easy to work with, quick and wonderful drying process. I never wanted to work with enamel. Don't ask me why... ;)
Highly recommended!

I thought about and came to the conclusion to remove everything. So I will finish the dome with all the remaining scratches and splatters and than start stenciling the stripes and masking them the next few days.

This was the result of todays work...






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Hey guys,
if someone might want to use Tamiya Acrylics for his next airbrush ROTJ paint Job, here is a list of my used colors. If there is more than one Color it was a mixture.

The Color Name is the reference from Rafal's stencils!

Bright Silver Tamiya X11

Back Plates
Base Metal Tamiya XF53
SP Lark Dark Grey Tamiya X10
CNW Green Tamiya XF70 + XF5

Base Metal 2 Tamiya XF56
Carboose Tamiya XF9 ? Not done yet

Lower Cheek
Schwarzgrün RLM 70 Tamiya XF17 + XF70
Base Metal 2 Tamiya XF56
Fern Green Tamiya XF71 + XF19
Dunkelgrün RLM 82 Tamiya XF71 + XF53 + XF73
Carboose Tamiya XF9 ? Not done yet

Lark Dark Grey Tamiya X10
Base Metal Tamiya XF53
Dunkelgrün RLM 82 Tamiya XF71 + XF53 + XF73
Schwarzgrün RLM 70 Tamiya XF17 + XF70
Carboose Tamiya XF9 ? Not done yet

Upper Cheeks
Lark Dark Grey Tamiya X10
Schwarzgrün RLM 70 Tamiya XF17 + XF70

South Pacific Scarlett Tamiya X6 ? Not done yet

Lark Dark Grey 53 Tamiya X10
Schwarzgrün RLM 70 Tamiya XF17 + XF70
Carboose Tamiya XF9 ? Not done yet

Kelly Hines

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I am a noobie when it comes to builds, and I was wondering if anyone could help me find a paint list that a noobie could figure out? Any help will be so appreciated


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Hey Kelly, first thing is what do you want to use? Enamel or Acrylics? If you want enamel there is a perfect list of Humbrol colors in the bf helmet section.
If you want to go with acrylics you could use my above listed Tamyia colors.