My Dental Expander Score!


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I just got these off of ebay! I hope their the right ones... I only need one, so I'm gonna sell the others here, when I get them.




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deadbolt said:
their metal copies. I think the expanded ones are for a vader helmet or somthing...

I already have a metal copy so do not need another.

This is still cool score. (y)

Don't worry, you won't have any trouble getting rid of the extras here! :)


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those look to be the same quality as the FP expanders... I have one and you can barely tell its not the real deal, even makes the metal sound when you drop it on glass... I love it! Those will go fast!


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I just bought these off of ebay, so I havent receved them yet. But as far as far as I know, theres only 4 of the closed expanders, & I'm keeping one of them, so only 3 will be for sale. With the open expanders, it looks like with a little cutting they could possibly be closed again, all 4 of the open ones are gonna be up for sale, As for price, does $6.00 shipped sound reasonable? Ohh, and since theres only 3 of the closed ones for sale, It's gonna be first come first serve, so if the price is fine with the first three than they will be going to Indy_Solo, fettswatcop(through PM) & SlaveR5

Thanks guys, Carson
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what are they for? where do they go someone PM me plaeas I just cannot see where they go and I am molding my own molds to do my own sintra guants so this might help if I could avoid not know ing where this part goes?