My custom built Jet Pack


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My custom built Jetpack

Just finished it thismorning. It was made using LisaFett's patterns for a self built jet pack. The paint job is a littel shoddy in some parts, but i tried to cover it up as best as i could with weathering / damage. I think its decent for a first attempt, certainly not the best ;) . I attempted a ROTJ paint scheme as best as i can as that is the direction my Fett costume is going. The blue and red i think came out a little dark, but it looks cool non the less.

Click on the pictures for larger images. Sorry they arek inda out of focus, i had a shaky hand due to too much coffee in me 8) .





Im open to any comments / criticism...its my first shot at building something! :jet pack
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Great looking pack! I guess it is a little dark and it looks like some of the details are missing but I admire anyone with enough guts and patience to build their own pack from scratch. Great job!
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yea, i know there are some details missing, i didnt do anything to the bottom of the pack because i didnt have the proper tools to make it look presentable, any exhaust hole i made would have come out too shoddy looking. I left out some things simply for ease of construction, i'll probably continue to modify it until it either looks the part...or until i decide to buy a prebuilt one.

Work shall continue on it non the less though!
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