My Boba Fett helmet from E-bay*Pic Intensive*


A wile back I got a Boba Fett helmet from e-bay that was made from Fiberglass.. I was Verry cheep,
compaired to the kits on E-bay, but needed alot of work.:facepalm
See Pics


As you can see the mandables where sticking way out.. Kinda looked like it was bucktoothed:lol:
also the Visor in the helmet was only a peace of window tint that was taped in.. :rolleyes

I sanded it down and found alot of Cracks going along the ears. The only good thing was it was not in
the acual fiber glass but in the filler that the maker put on to help make the
helmet a bit smoother.after some heating up the helmiet I slowley worked the
mandables back down into place... I used a Real Thick Visor and alot of hot
glue to help hold the visor in place wile I bondoed the cracks on the outside.
This filled in the cracks and also helped to hold the mandables in place.


After that all dried I pulled out the thick visor and bondoed on the inside
along here my new Visor would go and primered the helmet.


After a paint job useing the great info here*thanks Spideyfett, MARROW SUN, you all Rock(y) (y) *
and Puting in a Green Visor and a REAL borden Connecter I now have my First Boba Fett Bucket:cheers

I'm sorry someone would even sell that lousy of a helmet, you've done a good job on getting it back in shape though. I take it, it wasnt pictured on Ebay like this?
cal196 said:
I take it, it wasnt pictured on Ebay like this?

I imagine th same thing too, Ive come to know it as the "Rubies Diesease"
Excuse me for venting my frustration over how they advertised the Jango helm, which kinda really ticked me off when I finally got it in the mail (by which I was waiting for a high quality version of what I saw in the pictures they used:evil :evil :evil :evil :evil :evil :evil :evil ) Thats why I love this site. Cause you can learn how to turn crap into art, like this helmet that you bought. Outstanding work. If I tried doing that, it might end up looking like Sloth from the Goonies......

cal196 said:
I take it, it wasnt pictured on Ebay like this?
well...:rolleyes It did say it was Badly worped but the pics didnt show just how Bad it was....

But I kinda have a soft spot for fixing crappy helmets ... ya shoud have seen my 96 DP Royal Guard helmet:lol:

Thanks all for the positive input:cheers

tk7602 said:
man, those things can be rough. i worked on one that was almost completely flat when it arrived. the thing looked like jabba sat on it!

the one i have wasnt flat but it had about a 3" crack in the frount... I had to glue it back together and bodo it smooth.
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