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Ok, got my MS2 today(THANKS Marrowsun!) and began the long process of layer painting it to ROTJ specs. I decided 2 things before beginning. I am going to leave the helmet visor in until I finish painting to make this easier to handle and I am using mustard to mask the layers. In the pictures below you'll see the stages I started with for the metallic base and 1st layer grey. Also, you'll notice I am only doing 1 section at a time for the layers. This is so I can keep my damage as accurate as possible to the Magic/myth pics. I have found the best way to use mustard is to apply and then spray the next coat of paint ASAP. I then wait until this layer is still tacky to the touch and use a very wet paper towel to dab(not wipe) the mustard away. Then very lightly dab with dry paper towel to remove water, be very carefull of this stage. If you press to hard you could leave unwanted impressions in your finish. Then allow this to dry completely before the next layer of mustard & paint. You'll see in my picture there is still a bit of mustard, not to worry. These small spots can be gently scrapped away with your fingernail once the paint is completely dry..Also, I'm not saying this is the only way to do this...this is just how I have found it works best for me and thought it would be helpful to beginnners.






nice very nice

keep the pics a rollin

also, is it possible to let the mustard dry after applying the grey and simply washing it off with a low pressure hose ?
hmmmm interesting... has latex been tried and done before instead of mustard ? ... just sounds difficult trying to dab at mustard with wet paint next to it
I always use liquid latex. I briefly tried the mustard method and really didn't enjoy working with it, plus it really made me hungry :)
I always use liquid latex. I briefly tried the mustard method and really didn't enjoy working with it, plus it really made me hungry :)
Ditto everything MS said...including the bit about mustard making me hungry;)
BTW: cool looking bucket there Rushmore!(y)
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Lookin' good! I love using the mustard method on my killstripes. I let the paint dry just enough not to be tacky and then I run it under cold water and rub away the mustard with the tip of my finger. It keeps from getting the little fuzzies in the paint from the paper towel. By the way, are you sure you are doing the RotJ scheme? The right brow and mandible look alot like ESB to me. Or are you doing RotJ Special Edition? If that's the case, nevermind. Looks good anyway!:cheers
AFettFullofDollars; I am using ROTJ DVD and myth pics for reference material, I can grab pics out of the dvd and then import them into a picture viewer to magnify the image for some of the details on my monitor...if I cant get a clear image of what I need I goto pictures from the myth exhibit.
I hate the smell of mustard, but the glorious day I get my bucket I'll give it a try none the less.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Ausitn, Tx
I like to have my helmet with Relish and ketchup!!! Great job.. I always heard about this method but never saw it. Keep the pics coming I"m totally interested.
looks great

im a little confused... what color and in what order did you spray the layers... im trying to work it out lol

nope... think i got it... i think
Looks really nice!! Keep the pics comming..

i don't know about the rest of you but i let the paint completly dry for at least a few hours. Then i used an old soft toothbrush and gently scrubbed the mustard off under a tap of luke (spelling?? finger warm if you know what i mean..) warm water. Then i used papertowel (the good quality stuff, the one that doesn't leave lint) to wipe any remains of water and mustard off...

and concerning the mustard smell.. i found that most of it.. if not all disapers after you put on a layer or two of clear lacker.
Fettish attack...I used chrome base, then light grey, then charcoal grey/blue mix, and will finally use claret wine with dull coat on top.

Boba Swede...I have used that method too, but found it takes too long for me. If I do the wet paper towel after paint is tacky I can get the same results but only takes me 1 or 2 minutes to wipe off the mustard. Was taking me 5 minutes or more with tooth brush method cuz I was worried about scrubbing to hard. More pictures with final coat on visor border later this morning......:)

(edit) As promised, here is a pic of visor trim after final spray...I'll be looking for area's I missed in the details and using a fine brush to fix the details I missed....

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How long is too long to leave on the mustard? I know the faster you get it off the better, but what if your trying to take your time and get more precise shapes.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx
Vida, That would depend on your paint and how long it takes to dry. I used model paint for my grey layers with my air brush and it dries really fast, like 10 minutes. The red layer was from a spray can and takes much longer to dry, like a few hours. I let the red layer sit for about 30mins before I removed the mustard. I would have been happier if I could have airbrushed this color. However, I wanted to make sure it was the same as my gauntlets and jet pack colors so I stayed with the same spray can brand/color for consistantcy.
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