Miscellaneous Webley and Scott Flare Gun information.


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^^^^^Yup dude as Andy said,if you know someone who is a legal gun dealer in the uk you could have it shipped to them and then they would have it shipped to proof house...luckily my father law is a hunting man so did it through his friends dealership.....
Such a shame as My dad was a gun smith when I was a kid , I grew up shooting and being around all types of firearms. He passed away 10 years ago.. I called in an old haunt of his and asked around and the owner suprisingly new all about Boba and his various parts . And dropped the bombshell he bought a webley flare gun for £20 not long ago. And it wasn't the first he had bought . It was a WTF moment.....


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Saying you where a hunting man,here is my latest bounty..sorry for hijacking thread Andy...and if this offends anyone....


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Funkyred these actually originated over in the UK. Also because they are over 100 years old, they should be considered relics at this point. Not sure how the UK could classify these as a gun, it is technically a signal device (flare launcher). I mean sure it could be used to launch tear gas...
Worth looking into! You may be surprised what you find!
When I had my shipped to uk it came through the bomb-squad department,not firearms so was classed at a higher level :-/


This is true. I helped a TDH member (from the U.K.) acquire a Webley here in the US, and I shipped it to an exporter here, whom shipped it to an importer there. I'm not sure if the importer did the deactivation or if it then went somewhere else.


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Only just discovered this thread, really fascinating stuff. Thanks Andy and Dana especially for all that interesting input.


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Thanks for the share and discourse then, hahaha. I really got a kick out of some of your comments.

No worries man, what's actually interesting to me is looking back over a post I made four years ago wistfully longing for a set of genuine Michell Toespikes. I clearly felt they would be unobtainium whereas I did, in fact, tick them off the list.

Alison Bazley

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Hi there, you seem to be people who would know about flare guns. I have come across this old gun, nobody seems to know what it is - I can only find the markings II and 71 on it. It would have belonged to my Grandfather who was in the British Navy from around the 1920's, maybe earlier. I also have a holster but that has no markings on it. Any information would be much appreciated.


Well, Alison Bazley, this is probably not the right place for you to ask that, but then again I am not sure there is a right place at all for that here at the Dented Helmet. Even if there isn’t, you should probably start a separate thread regarding your flaregun so that this thread remains academic and focused, particularly on Webleys (And especially on the one used as Boba Fett’s EE3.

Since you are new here... and aparently have left in the meantime since no one answered your question, I won’t bother helping you with a guess, rather a few suggestions in case you come back and read this:

1 Search Google images.
2 If you’ve searched google images and have not found the same flaregun, please take and post more than a single photo when requesting help. It will probaby help those who have bothered to help you ID the flaregun and/or faster.
3 Go over the flaregun closely, and look for
markings. I realize you said there was nothing else marked on the flaregun besides “II” and “71”, but I already see a separate stamping in your photo.
4 If at first you don’t receive help, leave and never return. That will surely get you the answer you seek.