Mini T-bone part ??


Ok this is it, I am taking the plunge! I have never worn, made nor painted any costume before, but seeing what you guys have done here at TDH got me the bug. But I will be starting small, as in my 8 year old son small. Have been lurking around for months, and getting mando stuff from members here, but never really doing any actual costuming. So..... here it is, I need your expert opinion on my first attempt on the helmet and jp. Have not touched the ears, nor the kill stripes in progress. :) Much thanks to all, specially to T-Bone, TK2280, Devilstar2k2 and Cruzer for equipment and advise. Now if somebody can point me in direction of getiing mini-softparts, would really appreciate it. :)



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I think that looks awesome, not to mention for a first attempt8) .
I'd try contacting skygunbro for mini softparts. I think I remember reading he made a mini jumpsuit for someone else here.

Looking forward to lots of updates.(y)
Thank you for the kind replies. Thanks Cruzer, I did try SGB but currently he is tied up, maybe Bleah, but I might get an Aunt to do it for him. :) Here is what I have done so far this weekend. I am still contemplating on how to attach the T-visor (screw or hot glue ???) :facepalm and how to weather the bucket., any advise?..... Next is the armor from TK2280 that I made dents on, but I definitely need to get him a proper ROTJ suit.


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Here we are again. My son and I are attempting to install a micro servo in the helmet, we saw this in a few threads here at TDH. After a lot of dremel time the fit is tight but not uncomfortable. Any suggestions on placement of reciever and batteries outside of the helmet? I am afraid that it might b too heavy for him.


Here is the latest installment. So instead of installing the battery and reciever in the helmet with the servo, I installed it to the jet pack. Also I am halfway in completing the gauntlets. Its hard to match the works of the master (y) , (hint hint Cruzer) but me and my son we try. :) We are trying to finish it so that he can wear it for about 15 minutes (in Florida weather :( ) at Disney's MGM Star Wars weekends. it is about 90% complete. BTW this thread is getting more than just the MODS.. can you please move this to the Sarlacc Pit. Thanks.



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I think he's look'n like one serious bounty hunter!(y) And thanks, but I'm no expert when it comes to assembling and painting Boba gauntlets...I'd have to defer to Bubba Fett and his son's amazing kid Boba or all the awesome adult Bobas here on these boards.

Since he's smaller in size, I'd recommend using the hinges on one side and using velcro on the other but tucking the bottom shell up into the top shell to decrease the circumference of the gauntlets. Then as he grows into them you can let them out little by little. If I made the fiberglass of the bottom halves too thick for that type of application to where they wont flex, let me know and you can send them back and I'll make you another pair that is thinner and more flexible so you can tuck them underneath.

Also, since you went with a Boba and if you want, hold off as long as you can on gluing on the ripcord housing and flamethrower since they are Jango style and I'll try and mold up some Boba styles for you asap if you'd like. They're on my "to do asap" list.

Oh, and I can send you a longer hinge for the left gauntlet.

Looking great and keep up the amazing progress.(y)

I looked at your mini-gauntlet threads and pretty much follwed it. I had to improvise on the hinges from the Big Orange store, since I wanted it to be on both sides. I am definitely adding foam on the inside so that it will grab his arm. As for the flame thrower and ripcord, I was planning on placing screws and bolts, so that I can remove them at will. :)


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looks great. I'll send that gauntlet missile and flamethrower to you tomorrow!!! You gotta show me how you fixed up that servo to be in the jp and the connections you used...looking sweet!
I used a futuba servo micro extension cord, the servo is in the helmet, but the battery and reciever is in the JP. I will post the pics after work tomorrow, when there is sunlight, somehow flash photography does not come out right, for inside the helmet shots.
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One mini rocket and Boba flamethrower coming your way today! You'll be getting the first resin pull of the rocket!

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So the Boba Flame thrower is longer in lenth, and that is one mean looking rocket. Thanks. BTW here is the whole servo set-up, very crude but it gets the job done. :)

Finally! we were able to catch up with the 501 at Megacon '08.
Much thanks to the full size Boba, :cry sorry we were so caught up we forgot to ask for your name.

Kudos to every one here at TDH and the 501st for all the help and specially the tutorials! My son bagged the best child costume at megacon.


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