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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Notlewis, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Hello TDH fellows, greetings from germany. :)

    I´m a member since 2005, have done 2 ROTJ Boba Fett costumes, but this is the first time to post some WIP pictures.
    Now I´m doing the ESB version, which I love the most of all versions.:D

    In the first picture you can see what I´ve got so far.

    Cape + Chest Electronics: TK409
    EE3 Blaster Kit: Sidewinder - built and painted by me
    Rifle Leather Sling: 99centTaco
    Jet Pack Rocket: from another TDH member via cargo hold
    Flightsuit + Sidepouches + Ankle Ties + Gloves + Holster: Bobamaker
    Wookie Braids: Woodman
    Sidearm: from "flea bay" - reworked and painted by me
    Girth Belt: also from "flea bay"
    Shin Tools made by myself using the wizardofflight templates
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  2. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Now I start building the knee armour out of 3mm sintra. I use the WOF templates, like I did for the shin tools.
  3. Raizo Fett

    Raizo Fett Active Member

    Nice! Will you be scratch building the helmet too?
  4. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Thank you very much! No, I´ll buy the helmet, my skills are not good enough to build it myself.;)
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  5. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    So, that´s enough for today. ;) Cut away the rough parts, and sandpapered the left knee. Hope you can see the difference. More to come...:)
    PC290028 (2).JPG
  6. Jesuit24

    Jesuit24 Jr Member

    Nice work so far and I like the layered sintra. I think I might go that route when it comes to armour. It'll be way easier to cut/shape and just double up than using a thicker piece.
  7. redkraytdragon

    redkraytdragon Active Member

    Looks like you're off to a solid start! Knees look pretty good so far! I'd highly recommend using RF's armor templates for the rest of your armor. Good luck!
  8. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Thanks a lot for your kind words Jesuit24 and redkraytdragon! Today I had my first working day after the christmas holidays. So, no updates for today... Oh... there´s one... I bought a set of knee darts from "flea bay". Hope they´ll arrive soon. :)
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  9. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I think I´ll use them for my armour. Looking very helpful.(y)
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  10. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    First of all a happy new year to all of you! :cheers

    While I´m waiting for the aluminium knee darts, I started building the cod piece and back belt using a combination of RafalFett´s and Wizardofflight´s templates.

    That´s where I´m now:
  11. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    A little update:
    did some little work on the cod piece and back belt.
    P1050031.JPG P1050037.JPG

    - - - Updated - - -

    ...and did a little test with the chest lights and the size of the slots.



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  12. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    I didn´t have to go to work today, so I spend 2 hours on sanding the knees and parts of the cod plate.
    P1080037.JPG P1080036.JPG P1080040.JPG P1080038.jpg
    I glued the lower parts of the cod plate (the white parts as seen in the picture.), made another front piece of the cod plate and glued it with the first piece to make it look more solid.
    It was a sunny and not very cold day, so I did the sanding on our terrace, while in the background an Ewok... oh, stop... this is "Lasse" our oldest cat watching a bird. :)
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  13. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Today I glued the lower cod plate parts to the main-cod plate and stabilized it all from the inside. Next step will be smoothing the edges by cutting and sanding...
  14. Matty Matt

    Matty Matt Active Member

    Looking great.
  15. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Thank you, sir! :)
  16. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Today I glued the double-layered front part onto the cod plate with superglue. Also did a lot of sanding with 3 different sorts of sandpaper to get it step by step into shape. :)
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  17. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Today, I´ll spent some time working on the cod plate greeblie.

    I marked the place where it will be glued to.

    Then I cut the first of 5 sintra layers and curve it.

    Each of the five sintra pieces is curved and glued together to form a block.

    Now it´s time to start sanding. More to come... ;)
  18. Bsoder52

    Bsoder52 New Member

    Thanks for posting all the pics and info, learning alot!
  19. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    You are too kind! It´s a pleasure to me!
  20. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Sooooo.... after 4 hours cutting, sanding, cutting, sanding, sanding and some more sanding :wacko (at least a little bit primer):
    After all the work I have to admit, 4 layers of sintra would have been enough, but I wanted to be sure to have more material than less.:)
  21. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    I did a little test fitting of the greeblie (it´s not attached permanently, so I can change the dimensions). What do you think?:confused
  22. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    I think it´s too huge/high. So I´ll cut/sand it down from 1,4cm to 0,9cm (you can see the red line). But the base size is good so far.
    P1190047 (2).JPG

    Meanwhile I made the dent, using a heatgun and the end of the grip of a wood-file and an old screwdriver.
    P1190045 (2).JPG
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  23. skeg man

    skeg man Jr Member

    This is turning out great mate. I'm following this thread as I'm using a similar product for mine. You've given me a few ideas. You're doing and awesome job so far. Keep it up.

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  24. skeg man

    skeg man Jr Member

    Also regarding the greeblie, I think its def a tad too tall. The new marked one looks about right. I'm very eager to see you do the back armor and collar. Its the part I've had troubles with so far...

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  25. Notlewis

    Notlewis Active Member

    Thank you, mate!:)

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