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What make/style black jumpsuit should I look into for a Jaster Mereel costume (slightly modded). With dk. grey armor, red trim/gauntlets. I'm going for a clean/new look, no weathering. Getting a little OT here... Sorry.
From the pics I've seen his jumpsuit appears to be a dark grey/olive jumpsuit. Then again, I'm colour defficient.
Yes, it is. I was doing a custom job, I want black. It's not gonna be exactly the same. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for black jumpsuits.
Well, just for the hell of it, I checked out a recycled work wear place in my city and they have MANY brands, in great condition too. Plus the added fact that they have a little "weathering" from being used.
ANYWAYS!! I bought a red kap and dickies and another that didn't have a label. The RK's are nice, but I think I like the Dickies better. IMHO I just like the feel you know?
I don't know about dying to match what you want, but the black I bought would suit a custom just fine, it had a little fade to it.
Check it out for yourself though, you may not like it. Just try some on at different store before buying.;)
"....but I think I like the Dickies better...."

DS, this is where most people standing around you would walk away whistling and looking around like they don't know you. heh heh heh :D
Yes, they are a bit expensive. 'Specially because two are needed, one with the sleeves cut off. For the double-sleeves. I need the double, as I will actually be running wires down it, so it can't just be a flap.
Do you really need two just to cut off the sleeves? Why don't you just double it over and sew it, giving the appearance of sleeves? You could even go with a black BDU jacket if you wanted instead of buying a whole other flight suit.
You're on the right track, FBK. If you can get a js with sleeves that are too long, simply turning them above the elbow and sewing will work great. I used the same technique when making my own js.

Foxbatkllr wrote:

I'm actually going with a similar color scheme myself so I will be needing a black jumpsuit as well.

That was one I've found but a little pricey IMO. I'm sure you can find something like it elsewhere.

Just a note, Ranger Joe's is expensive (trust me, I used to live a pair of miles away from the main store in Fort Benning,Georgia). Besides, while that flight jumpsuit is cheap based on their prices, a flight suit has a lot of zippers around and quite too many pockets everywhere, depending on how you're gonna customize your Mandalorian armor. The option is yours...

Yeah that's a good point about the pockets and zippers. I need a Jango-style jumpsuit with virtually no pockets or zippers but the thing i like about the flight suit is that the arms and legs are tapered.

MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

"....but I think I like the Dickies better...."

DS, this is where most people standing around you would walk away whistling and looking around like they don't know you. heh heh heh :D
:lol: Like that's never happened before!!!
It's not my fault, keep in mind that the jumpsuits I bought have been worn A LOT!! Everything fits better when broken in man!! The Red Kap one is still too stiff, it's almost brand new. It's no t my fault:facepalm
A flap could still work. You could snip a hole big enough for the hose(s) to pass through within the folds of the flap so you couldn't see it but the hoses go where you want to. Saves the cost of a whole other jumpsuit.

Just a thought.

Well, as long as the cuffs of the sleeve slip into the gauntlets, who will know? That gives you a few inches to play with, unless you *really* need the sleeves to meet the gloves, though no one would ever see either way with the gauntlets over them.
Yes, this is true. However, as I'm gonna use sheetmetal, the gauntlets'll be cold. Sorry, but I don't like cold. It would be nice to have full sleeves.
OK I bought another Red Kap and it does "feel" and fit better than the Dickies, but I just don't care !!:lol:
I'm gonna have to say, personal pref. is gonna have to come into play for you for feel/fit.
As for your hose prob. see if you can get a shirt in the same color and get short sleeve jumpsuit. Run the hoses under the short sleeve.
Only thing is, you may have to really look around. I'm pretty lucky here with the place I shop at, this guy can get a used any /brand/color I can think of almost.
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