mcabrera1275's fiberglass ROTJ helmet pic


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Damn, I haven't been on TDH since the beginning of this year. It feels good to be back.

Anyway, here's progress pics of my fiberglass ROTJ helmet.


This is only the paint job. It still needs a visor, all interior work, and the rest of the works.
Holy crap! I absolutely love how faded and drab those colors are!!! Is that a custom airbrush job? Looks incredible. Welcome back bro!
Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!! It's great to be back on the forums and back on this project. I just graduated college, just got a new job (career related), and just got a new girlfriend. So things have been pretty hectic, but now I hope to finally finish this project into wearability by the end of this year.

Last thing I need are gauntlets still. Can anyone please direct me to the best gauntlets available in our community? Thanks again everyone!!
Welcome back dude.

Bucket looks great, although the kill bars appear to be yellow on my screen, whereas they should be red for RotJ. Might be my screen, so don't panic yet!

PM sent re gauntlets

Welcome back dude! I was wondering what happened to you...cause I joined the TDH when you left and look at me now (Colonel) :D

The helmet looks great so far...good job!

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