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ok.. reading MANY things, vacu forming is good.... in it you can make a body cast of you (outta plaster) fill with Fiberglas resin, then have clay to the body of you to sculpt pieces... then you can cast a mould of those.. and make a solid version of those to vacu form... big question though... in parts it says use bondo to seal and smooth out.. can you use the plaster? iam talking like hydrostone or ultracal 30 plaster, not OF PARIS (i hate that brittle junk) anyone tried using this stuff like it was bondo? (its cheaper then bondo is all, and having to buy 50 pounds of it i need more uses @_@)
The reason to use bondo is you can sand it down quite easily...messy, not too hard to remove. How easy is it to sand Ultracal down?
its a heavy duty plaster, like plaster of paris, but doesnt chip and is no where near as brittle, strong stuff, they replicate statues and things from it.. ill have to buy some and find out how easy it is to sand.. cuz you can buy a 25 pound bag of ultra for like 8 bucks.. makes a TON of plaster maybe i can save us all a TON of money ^__^ bondo where i am is only worth it in the gallon size and thats 15 bucks
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