masking help wanted


Jr Hunter
Good morning community (here at least),

I would like to mask and air brush the skull on the shoulder of boba fett, but I have no idea how, help please!!!

Thanks Ryan


Jr Hunter
I'm definitely NO expert Ryan, but these decal templates should help. RafalFett is THE man when it comes to this. So maybe hit him up?

I also did something similar a few years ago on my chest armour. It maybe of some use....

Hope this helps! :)
I know hes got templates, how do I get them n my piece though .. I think ive got it

Fett 4 Real

Sr Hunter
Community Staff
Ive tried using some masking paper (basically clear vinyl sheet you buy at hobby worked....was a PAIN in the butt...but it worked. Using a LOW TACK vinyl for them is key....or just getting a decal made is MUCH easier. If someone asks me to paint their decals and not use actual decals it costs a bit more then 1 decal that is printed....


I've always made my stencil out of masking tape, low tech, although I do like the vinyl idea with low tack, probably much easier to work with.