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OrtharRrith said:
Now THAT is a work art! Way to go! Would love to see a set of armour to go with that.

Thanks for the compliment! I have decided to follow through and complete an entire set of armor to go with the helmet. It will lost likely be more like clone trooper armor than the regular Fett style.

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LOVE IT! :eek: It looks like a "HIGH TECH KNIGHT"! Has a little bit of that "NECROMUNGER" (spelling?) feel. The LED is also a nice touch, working whatever, somehow always brings props to life, I guess making it feel more reel!(y)
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I'd like to see you make a set of armor as I requested, but what will it be made of? ABS Plastic?

I'm sure the bucket will be made out of fiberglass as always. :) Great job MS, I hope to catch you at ComicCon in San Diego. I hear that there are going to be upwards of 100,000 people there. I'll probably be the ESB Fett with the E-11, I may also be a TK a few days, and maybe a jedi.

I've got long curly hair under the bucket, so I'd be hard to miss!


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Makan said:
:love That is the greatest thing i have ever seen!!!

(y) May i be your padawan?(y)

Anything you'd like to know feel free to ask

MandalorFett said:
Will you adopt me? :lol: (y)

Oh um..... I've got my hands full with our newborn right now! Maybe after she graduates and is out of the house:lol:


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I'd love to own that with a clonetrooper armor in white and green, that would rock. The visor would look good to.


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Zeever Fett said:
darn I thought there was an update on the armor... :(

I should have an armor update on Sunday. I just threw out last weeks work. I had a nearly completed chest piece but I've decided to go with a different design. Up untill now I was too closely following the Republic Commando style. I've decided to scap it all together and start fresh. The new armor will have some definete Fett characteristics built into it.
I do have a completed Ab plate that I've decided to still use at this point.
Something similar to this might look nice with that helmet.
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