Mandalorian Commando ( just getting started)


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Greetings fellow mandos, I getting started on a mandalorian commando project.. tell me what you think so far....





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Cool Idea.Looks good.I am using a similar concept for my iron man armor.I'm going with a standard stormie chest, and a biker scout backplate while using metal for the rest.
Can't wait to see more of your idea.


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Thanks for the postive feedback, I really don't have any pic's of the outcome. but will keep updated as i go along! thinking of a republic commanndo for the helmet..... but not sure yet.....
I gotta be honest here (and I think we all should be because blowing smoke up someone's butt doesn't help anybody) and say that I hate it. It doesn't really make any sense to me to paint that pattern on that armor. If a Mando Commando has a solid piece of chest armor, why would he paint it like that?


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To stay true to the mando butto have heavier armour what else can i say it's diff but the same... anyway for those who like the idea here are the weapons i going to use.. heavy rifle ( a airsoft p90 with stormtrooper rifle pc) and a side arm ( an old gotcha paint gun from when i was a kid with a solo scope)......


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Just my opinion, but for the P90 airsoft, you should probly mod it a bit more, because even though its a raely seen gun (at least in my opinion) it still has the real-world feel, and I think it should feel more "star warsy." Good choice though. Keep it up!



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P-90 is a cool SMG, and there's even a semi-automatic civies version. The newer assault version is the FN F-2000, and there's even a grenade launcher on it.

But I'd prefer the P-90. It's an interesting gun, and I think I've seen some SW concept art with the P-90 as reference. In fact, here's the "image attack" for a background prop used for ep2. I haven't seen ep2 in a long time, and it's packed away somewhere from when we were trying to move, but didn't , and we haven't unpacked everything yet.
i can still tell its a p90

i play airsoft, so i know SOME unusual guns

I SELL Airsoft so I'm right there with ya. That's why I've picked the gun that I have.

This was a customer return for a broken motor. I ripped it apart. I don't have pics of it, but this is my 'artist rendition' of what it looks like right now.