Making a mold of a wood positive??


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If I'm using wood for my master would a layer (or two) of primer be enough of a sealant to use RTV Silicone and not have it stick into the "pourous" surface of the wood?

Don't get me wrong... the wood is gonna be pretty smooth anyway, but I believe I've read that wood is hard to mold without it wanting to stick to the mold material.

If those in the know could reply to this I would be very grateful!!!!


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I just did this with a Klingon disruptor . What you want to do is coat your wood sculpt with sanding sealer . then the silicon can't get in to the grain of the wood to make it stick or pick up the grain to show in your cast later.


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spray it with some clear lacquer and sand it smooth. i know a guy that makes custom fishing works and he carves them out of dowl then seals them with lacquer then molds them with silicone