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Discussion in 'The Sarlacc Pit' started by darthgarth, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. jbdubz

    jbdubz Active Member

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  2. mortifactor

    mortifactor New Member

    I ordered an ESB FPH2 helmet in April 2015. Very chatty with e-mails back and forth right up until I paid. Not a single word since, no replies.
  3. syllander

    syllander Active Member

    That's the norm man. Salesmen gotta pitch till the hook gets taken. No need for further work after that.
  4. Furious

    Furious Active Member

    Exact same way with me. Before I paid him his replies were lightning fast.
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  5. pmalfonso

    pmalfonso New Member

    I think what upsets me the most is people receiving items that ordered years after I did. And all the paints and accessories I ordered just rotting.

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  6. The5thHorseman

    The5thHorseman Jr Member

    Haven't logged on TDH for a very long time now, mostly because of the way I wasted money. Hurts even more when I see my original Webley n°1 MkI slowing rusting away, and the stuff WastedFett is now doing!

    So... Order placed on March 2014.
    - ESB Armor & gauntlets
    - Jetpack
    - FPH2
    - Nemrod Holster

    I recontacted him one year after and got a response. Ever since it's been radio silence.
  7. Sept. 16, 2014 ordered
    ESB Armor & Gauntlets
    3/4 scale Jetpack for my son
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  8. Philmen

    Philmen New Member

    All of you guys who are living in the U.S, what are you waiting for to file a lawsuit ? There are thousands of dollars scammed, just for the members of TDH, imagine what he has done worldwide ? It's still crazy that some people think it's just a matter of "bad luck", he perfectly knew what he was doing. I am not a U.S. resident unfortunately, otherwise i swear i would do everything i can to get my friend's money back, and mine too.
  9. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    You can't squeeze blood from a turnip.
  10. Wasted Fett

    Wasted Fett Active Member

    Pm'ing people...
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  11. armor, gauntlets, jetpack arrives tomorrow. blasters will be here next Saturday.
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  12. Flamechicken

    Flamechicken Jr Member

    Has anyone received a FP ROTJ EE-3 from Chris? When I initially ordered a full set of ROTJ armor, helmet, JP and EE-3 back in Feb. 2015, he was still in the process of making the molds for the EE-3. Just wondering if one actually exists.
  13. Refugee

    Refugee Member

    Interceptor, please post pictures of what you received and when you ordered. I ordered around June 2015, FPH2, Jetpack, armor, helmet, gauntlets, holster, sidearm, and EE3.
  14. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    I'm glad people are receiving things. Hopefully my small remaining pieces will be on their way soon.
  15. Got2bfett

    Got2bfett Member

    Yes I would love to see some pictures as well.
  16. Viper

    Viper Member

    Yes please post pics of the gear when it arrives. Also please let members know what method of communication you have had with Chris so other guys who are waiting on stuff know how to reach him. Cheers
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  17. Unfortunately, it's not letting me post pics, file size is too large. I got the armor*, gauntlets* Saturday. Helmet arrived yesterday. *missing the center piece of the chest, key studs for the collar/backplate and cod/kidney, gauntlet darts, whipcord housing, but those are also on the way with my EE3 and sidearm. I was supposed to get this 9 months ago. He is working extremely hard on finishing up not only mine but everyone else's orders, setting up the next person for taking over the molds/production, etc. It's why I haven't got all of my stuff yet either, he's giving me a little at a time so I can get crackin on this while completing others orders. I promise he hasn't forgotten about anyone.
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  18. Viper

    Viper Member

    How has he been communicating with you? Glad to hear you are starting to see some stuff. Post pics when you can.
  19. Refugee

    Refugee Member

    Yes, please tell us how you are communicating with him. I emailed him a few times but no responses. He's usually responded to me in the past
  20. email and text, depending on the conversation
  21. Eagleskull

    Eagleskull Active Member

    Were you already talking to him or did you just get a tracking number in an email? This brings a little hope now since Ive almost just all but left my ESB project behind. Also use photo up-loaders if its too large like Imgur or Flickr.

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