List for fettpride shipments


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Sorry everyone for bringing this back up again, but I left these forums until only recently so I have only just come across this thread. But I need to add to it, for myself.

After realizing I wouldn't see any of the items I paid for, the idea of continuing my Fett build filled me with anxiety. I paid for a helmet and full set of armour back in 2015 with great communication from Chris. Even after he sold off his molds, he said he would still be 'fulfilling' all of his orders. Then nothing...

I've only just decided to continue with my build, painting up a budget helmet I bought to practice on while I was waiting. I'm not sure that I'll be able to bring myself to invest that kind of money in a kit like that again. I guess it has made it pretty hard to trust anyone again... but I think I'll try and add to it little by little.

Anyway, it's not good, but it is slightly comforting to know I'm not alone here. I'm not sure if anyone has learnt anything new over the last year or so, I'm assuming not.

Once again, sorry to bring it up again. And sorry for the long post. Hope everyone is doing ok in this crazy time.

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Once again, sorry to bring it up again. And sorry for the long post.
No need to apologize. You are most definitely not alone. You should join our Fettpride Recovery Support Group. We meet every third Wednesday of the month on zoom. lol. The good news is, the delay you've experienced from this has you coming back at a good time to get much improved parts for your re-build.