List for fettpride shipments


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I'd say wow but it's not like one couldnt see this coming...excuse after excuse. Loves to play the friendship card too...This guy has no place in business. It's amazing to see folks slam Anovos, and I've given them a few jabs myself. But if you pay attention, even if you have been waiting years you have the option to get a refund. That's what an honest business does. End rant.
Hey guys,I have some good news. I received my Helmet from Chris last week just shy of two years from ordering. I don't know why I was chosen, maybe due to my small order? Anyway, I hope this doesn't upset anyone, since I already feel guilty for getting an item commissioned 2 years ago! I think I have gone through every emotion with this purchase: anxious, anger, despair, acceptance, joy and finally guilt. Chris did say that he was going to be shipping items out...
Lesson from this; Do not pay for anything in full unless the seller has item in hand and Make sure that the timeframe coincides with the paypal dispute policy!


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I'm afraid to believe, but I hope we see more of these messages. After 4 years, I'll need to relearn everything I read.


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Just found this thread, I had order a complete set for Chris.

Payment sent on 01/16/2014

-Body Armor

I'm glad to see that you where able to get your order hopefully this is good news for all us waiting.


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Ordered a set of ESB armor on July 6 2014 and a sidearm holster on Aug. 16 2014.
I've been seeing helmets being shipped out but no armor just yet, hopefully people post when they do =)

Im still holding on hope...
Just found this thread too!
I ordered a full set of ESB armour from Chris back in May 2015. Haven't heard anything since. I had kinda given up, but this makes me atleast a little optimistic I'll actually recieve something!


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That's what he says to everyone since 2014, how surprising, two months later still nothing ? I'm telling you, we all got scammed.


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My order (Payment via PayPal) was sent 29 September 2012 for one set of ROTJ Gauntlets, one set of Armor, and one Jetpack. Last communication was 3 Feb 2017.


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Don't paint everyone with the same brush. There's lots of reputable vendors on here who have been doing this for years who are trustworthy.
By that logic you would never buy anything from anyone on the internet ever again.
I know men. I just misused an expression that I use with my friends in spanish, which is my mother tongue. It's something like "I lost faith in the world" haha.
Of course I'm still gonna be trusting people that have reputation in here :)
It just shocked me because I allways read about how good FettPride stuff is. He is a good maker but a scammer. Weird combo.