Left Cheek Paint Damage?


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I'm sure this has been talked about before, but my search-fu has failed me.

Trying to figure out the paint damage on the left cheek where the lower and upper cheek meet.


Not present in ESB


I have noticed that it is on the SE helmet though in some shots.


It was my understanding that the "new" SE scenes were done with the ESB helmet. I realize that the original helmet has sustained extra damage over the years (ie scratches, cracks, etc) but this seems to be deliberate damage/distressing and being in the middle of a helmet paint up I was just wondering if we knew why this difference exists?



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I am not entirely sure but I think the consensus is it was damaged when it was being used to cast stunt helmets for ROTJ.

I could be wrong
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It's just one of the many areas that sustained incidental damage over the years. There are so many scrapes, chips, dings,
smudges, not to mention that black "glop" above the killstripes.
But since it was actually used in the SE, it's all screen accurate. :)