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Well if you want a easy cheap way.. to get one.. and if your good enough with your hands and creativeness you can make them out of dowling (spelling?).. you know the wooden spindles you can buy at home depot.. or where ever. I made my own.. scuffed them up with sand paper.. to take most of the grain out of the wood.. then painted them... with weathering.. and they look mint... you would think its metal if you didn't touch it... Anyway... that is a cheap way of doing it... do a search for it on the forum.. I believe I saw lately stuff on the darts.... good luck
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Instead of dowelling, try acrylic tubing. You just have to cut it to the right length & there is no chance of woodgrain showing through.
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The plumbing dept is another source for material. Your best bet is to use a combination of dowel, acrylic, and pvc or copper parts.
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I was looking around ( snooping ) at my girlfriends house the other day, and laying in the gameroom was a box full of cable connectors, for TV cables and whatnot. I think, if you were to make your own knee darts, these would do fine. I plan on using them. They seem to be the right size, and the look is great.
Hmm, maybe you have them confused with something else. They weigh basically nothing. Only about an inch-inch 1/2 long.
I have also found that spacers found at Lowes works real well. You can get two sizes and glue them together and they almost look dead on. My digital camera isn't the best but I will try to get some pics up this weekend. The best thing is they only cost around $1.00 per dart.
Here are pics of the real deal from MoM

Wow! That is darn impressive!!! I sure am paying a LOT more than $1 for mine. I think I need to start taking more tips from you guys!!!

Long Ones
3/8 X .171 X 1
Nylon Spacers

Short Fat Ones
.562 X .375 X 1/2
Nylon Spacers
well we have been discussing how the darts on the real Fett are mounted and this is what I can up with..
Have the darts mount onto a strip of metal or plastic behind/inside the knee pad box area. And to make them flush ..well just drill the hole so the darts slide into the box and them attatch the strip. The strip would prevent the darts from sliding out, give the darts something to be put onto and also keep them plum..

and now the pics




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That looks pretty darn cool! Nice job Megatron! I'm printing this out, saving it in my Fett Folder, so when the time comes, I'll be ready!!

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That's a great idea using the nylon spacers, it really looks great! (y) :D I'm going to try them as soon as I have everything else finished and make that my last project. Only problem is, the part where the darts go into are thick with rounded corners and mine are very thin (you can see it in the pics). Either I am going to break out the styrene and putty or I am going to have to find a set with the proper mold! :(
Thanks for the pics and help eveyone! :)
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hey, i was at lows the other day, and i was looking at some PVC pipe. i happened to start at the wrong end of the PVC section. i came uppon some small, thin PVC pipe. i'm not sure what its used for. anyway, the pipe is smaller than a dime....i'll post the measurements later. so, i thought, hey, that would be a cool, cheap, and easy way to make some knee darts. so, i grabbed a pipe. i walked a little ways down, and saw some connectors for some brass pipe. they are straight connectors. at the top of the bag it sais, 3/8" copper crimp rings. there 25 of these in the bag. there made by Qestpex. anyway, here's what i did. i bought all this, which was like, less than $5, and went home, and figured out some stuff. i just eyeballed the darts, and how i wanted them to look. the top was longer, and the bottom was shorter. i then put 4 rings on the top, or longer peice, and 3 on the shorter bottom peice. i used some epoxy to glue them on. on the top peice, i placed 2 butt to butt at the end of the pipe. i then placed 2 butt to butt in the middle. on the bottom peice, i put 2 butt to butt at the end of the pipe. then, i put 1 in the middle of the pipe. i glued these peices together, and i got 2 knee darts. they arn't quite accurate, but, for $5 its pretty darn good. :) also, i can send some samples out if you would like...just send me a PM.
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What section of Lowes do I find the nylon spacers? Are these for plumbing or something else? or is this thread out of date and there's a better, cheap way of doing the knee darts?
Christo Fett said:
What section of Lowes do I find the nylon spacers? Are these for plumbing or something else? or is this thread out of date and there's a better, cheap way of doing the knee darts?


The nylon spacers can be found in the "hardware" aka the screw/bolt isle. They are usually in the drawer cabinets that contain speciality fasterners. A spacer's name actually matches its fuction ... to put a space between two objects. They are mostly used in metal or plastic work, to seperate two sheets or pieces of the material by the length of the spacer. A bolt is run through a hole in one piece, through the center of the spacer, then through a hole in the other piece and then the nut is put on the bolt. Hope I explained that clear enough. :p

I have not seen anyone come up with an newer or cheaper way of making the knee darts, so I would say that this thread is still good.

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