kind of paint ...



Hello guys... What kind of paint you use for the armor : Gloss or Matte paint
... please some help ; images would be great !! :D

J2 :
Hey there & welcome to TDH. For anything having to do w/ boba you dont want to use any gloss! Not shure if the Jango guys use gloss or not? If your doing a layered job, ( where you spray your base metallic on, then mask, then spray your primary colors & mask again in necessary,) you may want to gloss over your base metalic color, but as for the primary colors, greeens, reds, etc- matte is what you probably want to use. For Boba, duller is better! Hope that helps :)
Keep in mind that the Tesor's Dull Coat will eliminate pretty much any sheen from your paint. I freaked when I first painted my armor! Then when I sprayed the dull coat, it looked great.
Hey thanks guys... I was thinking make it as you say Jango's kid, but I´m not sure will be a lot of differences between an armor with the weathering effects painted on the primary colors.. what you think ?? , any way I will make some tests.Actually I´m working on the molds and I made an vaccumform gauntlet test , I will prove the paint on it to choose which one is better.

Jedi-Bob have you some images ? ... :eek:
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Hey, its up to you man! Personally, I have never been able to get a topically applied weathering paint job to look decent, although many others have seemed to pull it off perfectly. I guess it just depends on your personal abilities/prefrences! Love to see some pics after you get through w/ your tests. good luck bud! :)
well I think I would like an accurate work , so I will paint it completely :facepalm . I will post as posible I could , because actually I´m finishin my new tusken costume , them I will be completely trim on boba ...
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