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Ok, here are some updated pics of the project. The Boba style flamethrower, ripcord housing, and right gauntlet hose attachment(have no idea what it's called) will hopefully be molded up this weekend and ready for making resin casts asap. I was satisfied with how well those three pieces turned out and forgot to take pics of two of them, but trust me they look really good and to scale with the rest of the gauntlets.

1st pic is of the finished masters
2nd pic is of the...well you know
3rd pic is of the "bucks" casted from the mold of the main pieces and used
for some vacform test runs we did this past weekend.
4th pic is of vacform prototypes using 1/16" styrene for the pair on the
left; and 1/8" styrene for the pair on the right. Noticed the difference
in detail between the two pair.

I don't like the way the vacform turned out using 1/16" because they are too flimsy, and the 1/8" stuff is nice and thick but too much detail is lost.

However, I do like the way the bucks came out so I think resin is going to be the best bet for me to be able to make this a prop available to others. Right now I'm looking into aluminum and/or nickle additives that I can add to the resin so they will cast looking like metal and then can be polished, painted, sanded, etc. For Boba gauntlets it could mean not having to first paint them silver for the exposed metal effect. Let me know if you think that would be a good idea or not.

Thank and I'll keep you updated,




I'm still waiting to visit the shop again to mold the small parts, i.e. flamethrower box, ripcord housing, and left gauntlet hose end. Hopefully soon. The top and bottom halves are good to go, but I also need to create a rocket too. So maybe about another 2-3 weeks. I can take orders and start producing and mailing out the halves if you want to get started on that and then ship out the small pieces later.

Here's what I've got so far. These are fiberglass pulls from the mold, and it looks like fiberglass is going to be the best medium for me to work in. It takes a little more work but it makes them very durable...which is probably a good thing because of the wear and tear our kids will be putting them through.



Kid sized,

I love it, beautiful work Cruzer they turned out GREAT !!!!
Excellent work!!!:eek:
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Will you be willing to do a run of these... I am wanting to put a fett together for my son sometime in the future! Great work man!!!
yeah, that's exactly what SkylaFett is waiting for too. The only delay is that I am waiting to have the smaller pieces molded as well. Then I'll make them available to all the TDH dads out there like me who have a younger Mando at home. These gauntlet are going to take kid Mando costumes to a higher level of detail, so I'm very excited about getting these out there.

Now, I just need to get started on that kid sized jp project.;)

Thanks guys,
I've tried using the metal powder additives (nickel/silver/copper mix) in my own resin pieces. The metal powder is so heavy and dense, that it falls through the resin to the bottom of the mold and doesn't stay evenly "spread out" until the resin cures. Plus, it's darn heavy. Almost doubled the weight of my pieces. :(

Add me to the "interested" list. I've got 2 young Mandos at home. ;)


We do have someone...actually two someones at that. JD makes a fiberglass kids bucket, and T-bone makes a resin one. (y) My kid is just older and has a big noggin so I've got to put him in a Dp deluxe recast that we have on the way(thanks Delta-75). It'll probably look big but at least he can grow into it.

Cruzer, 2-3 weeks it's bad. My sons B-day is the middle of July. Do you think they might be ready by the end of June?

Thanks Cruzer they look awesome!!
Was that "isn't bad" or "is bad" ? Like I said, I can ship out the halves now if you want to get started....but I just learned I won't be visiting the shop this weekend there's one more week :cry.

We're just waiting on the flamethrower box (which in reality I could make another one out of 1/8" styrene), the ripcord housing (which I could also make again), and that hose end thingy that goes on the top back of the right gauntlet (which I could make again but it was such a pain in the butt :lol: to make).

....I don't know guys...what do you want me to do? It's all a waiting game right now in which I have no control over. Sorry.

But if you don't mind let's get an interest list going so that when they are ready to go out then they'll go out in order of expressed interest with regards to fabrication time. And I'll begin making the second pull tonight. This is premature, but we're probably looking at approximately $75-$100 a pair (shipped) depending on how much the silicone is going to cost me which could be from nothing to something??

I'm going to limit the list to 10 pairs that way I don't get in over my head.

Thanks guys,

1. SkylaFett
2. FettHunter
3. Prymer13
4. Jango Wes
5. MandalorFett
6. MandalorFett
7. Makan
8. Pavespawn
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