Kid Size Gauntlets Update-assembled and painted


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Hey guys,

Just an update of the masters I made. I reworked them a little, added the hinges, and metal accents, led, etc. with intent of them becoming Jango guantlets. Then my son said he liked the keypad they're kinda a cross between Boba and Jango gauntlets...Oh well.

Good thing though is they can be modified either way when I get around to making a few pulls. Look for them to be made available after ComicCon.(y)





Sweet!! I can only hope that my gauntlets will that good. You have a very lucky son. He is going to look BAD at the con. Very nice work.

Man I wonder if they would fit me better than ruffkins, i am quite small:lol:
Those are awesome man very nicely done. :cheers
Those are awesome! PM me when you will be pulling some, I am doing a Boba for my 9 year old son this year (I will be Vader, and my 6 year old daughter will be Leia). Might make my 1 year old be Chewy! Anyway, wanted to make some gauntlets for him, but yours put anything I could do to shame. Keep up the good work.
Katua Fett said:
Man I wonder if they would fit me better than ruffkins, i am quite small:lol:
Those are awesome man very nicely done. :cheers

That's actually not a bad question for some of the smaller adult Fetts around. About how big are these gauntlets? Lengthwise and circumference (how big around?)
I am getting these for my wife's costume (Fett Girl). She's pretty small and the regular gauntlets she has are way too big. these should do the trick.

Here are some updated pics with a full size rocket and darts installed. Also a pic of them on my arm that may answer a question for some of you. We're headed out the door to dinner so I'll post more later...

...but it's time to get this run started!





pic for ff.jpg
I don't think they're of a size that would look to scale on an adult, but that's just my opinion. The right gauntlet measures 6.5" long with the left measuring 7". The largest inner diameter of each gauntlet is approximately 3" to 3.25". Here's a pic of how they look on my 4' 6" tall son.

Katua Fett, I've tried on a pair of Ruffkins and they swallowed my forearms. I think they're too big for a guy my size (5'7"). Sounds like you'd be better off with some FPs, or JDs which I've been told are of a smaller size than FPs but I've personally never seen them.


Wow that's you cruzer. I saw the pic on another website and my son is 4 he thought that was soo cool that son and dad had mando armor. Like we do.
Thanks, that's cool that your son liked it. Unfortunately we weren't in costume long at all and didn't take any pics. If the one you saw wasn't this same pic, mind if I ask for a link as I'm looking for more pics of us in costume? It was a lot of fun suiting up together, but it was just too darn hot for him to enjoy it like he should have.


I have to call the run off due to family commitments and other obligations.

And to be honest, getting these to the quality I'd want before sending them out is taking longer and entails a little more work than I anticiapted. I also added up the costs of this project and considered the time it takes to fabricate all the various pieces of these babies and realized it's costing me more money and time than I had expected and planned for. Therefore, I need to end the run.

I'll try to finish off the set I'm working on right now and when I'm finished put them up for sale in the cargo hold, but I can't say what the price will be until I see how much time I have in them. I can say though that more than likely they will be hinged, assembled, and ready for paint.

Thank you to the couple of people that did contact me via PM.

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Lorenzo, hope everything is OK. Family comes first, even before Fett, so it's cool. Please let us know when you'll be starting up again.
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