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I need some kid sized armor for me, does anyone know of a place or someone who i can buy custom kid sized armor from that doesnt need much work after i have it

you might want to search the trash can armor thread and for armor templates made by wizard of light there are height specific templates
Kids come in many different sizes, and if you are still "kid sized", you'll probably want to go about making it in a rather inexpensive fashion so that it won't be a big loss when you grow out of it. The trash can method will do well. Use a tracksuit or sweatsuit for the flightsuit, repaint a nerf gun or supersoaker for the blaster, and modify a skateboard helmet to look Mando.
i had an idea that could work, i need your opinion, have a cloak like what jango had on when he met up with zam and just have the boots gauntlets and hlmet
chest plates, get the templates and then print them out the size u want. after that get a trashcan (see that thread) and make it OR get plastic sheet o styrine (i know it as PVC sheets) and then cut it out on that useing a dremel tool or what yea got handy. Put in oven for a little on 250 then bend it to body

helmets i don;t make, so no clue there
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