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    There is a moment at the end of "Imperial Commando: 501st" where Gilamar kills Dred Priest and, prior to dumping Priest's body, removes a logo-covered shoulder bell to use as proof of Priest's death and affiliation with Death Watch (I'm hugely paraphrasing, but I trust you'll forgive me.) This moment has stuck with me for a while, and a few weeks back I decided to use the idea of trophy taking as my in-road to my first attempt at armor building.
    I scanned the Dented Helmet and the RPF, scoured YouTube, and spend a bit more money than my wife may have wanted, but when I sat down at the table to begin my project, I had the material I needed to flesh out the idea in my head:

    Firstly, I wanted to do a vertical row of three different shoulder bells for my own collection: one mythosaur variant, one Death Watch (as tribute to the book), and one that would be open to whatever I felt like making. I was also going to create two additional pieces, which I would then send to friends of mine. The trials and tribulations involved are detailed in the pictures below, including the end results. I didn't photography my numerous experiences with paint peeling due to my impatience or inexperience, or any of the moments where my actual plastics separated because I failed to properly prepare them. What you see below is my recounting of the visual journey, and the chaos my wife endured on her kitchen table for more time than I'm sure she liked.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    fullsizeoutput_4810.jpeg fullsizeoutput_481e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4821.jpeg E827EBD1-B888-4A1F-BEE2-CC9AAD3B3DEC.jpg fullsizeoutput_4810.jpeg fullsizeoutput_481e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4821.jpeg E827EBD1-B888-4A1F-BEE2-CC9AAD3B3DEC.jpg IMG_4102.JPG fullsizeoutput_4810.jpeg fullsizeoutput_481e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4821.jpeg E827EBD1-B888-4A1F-BEE2-CC9AAD3B3DEC.jpg IMG_4102.JPG IMG_4105.JPG IMG_4116.JPG IMG_4128.JPG IMG_4185.JPG IMG_4223.JPG IMG_4225.JPG IMG_4233.JPG IMG_4235.JPG IMG_4236.JPG IMG_4252.JPG IMG_4260.JPG IMG_4262.JPG fullsizeoutput_487f.jpeg IMG_4264.JPG IMG_4272.JPG IMG_4277.JPG fullsizeoutput_487c.jpeg IMG_4290.JPG IMG_4291.JPG IMG_4292.JPG IMG_4293.JPG IMG_4305.JPG IMG_4309.JPG IMG_4312.JPG IMG_4313.JPG IMG_4323.JPG fullsizeoutput_4877.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4878.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4875.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4879.jpeg fullsizeoutput_487a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_487b.jpeg IMG_4355.JPG IMG_4358.JPG IMG_4359.JPG IMG_4360.JPG IMG_4392.JPG IMG_4428.JPG

    I will leave you with this:
    I'm active duty Army, and in my community we highly prize the giving and receiving of coins and mementos, which we often display as trophies in their own right. I think that the practice of exchanging shoulder bells as symbols of extended friendship or camaraderie is something that has brought a surprising value to my circle of friends, and highly recommend that any armor smith or aspiring Mando out there try it out. There's really nothing like giving a friend a piece of armor that represents not only your passions, but your hard work and talent.
    Just a thought.

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    I really like this idea I might do it too if you dont mind :D
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    Oh please DO, and attach some pictures when you make them! I just made another one for a friend!

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