armor build

  1. Midnight5amurai

    Clone Commando vibroblade

    I wasn't sure where to post this, since the Commandos do appear in TCW but their knuckle blades only appear in BF2 if memory serves right. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who makes working handguards with the vibroblades. .
  2. TK11468

    My RS Prop ROTJ build

    I took my RS build out in public for the first time last weekend. My foam helmet padding shifted because I secured it temporarily with some tape. After some wear and sweat the padding no longer sat where I originally had it and it made my bucket sit low and forward quite a bit. I have to fix...
  3. R

    Gauntlet and Knee scratchbuild help

    I'm working on a scratch built ESB Boba Fett costume- my first- using WizardofFlights templates. I've been able to put most of the armor together without a sweat, using Sintra, but I'm having some trouble figuring out how the gauntlets and knees are supposed to be assembled- the templates are a...
  4. Ellingsworth

    Kal Skirata Shoulder Bell Trophy Wall

    There is a moment at the end of "Imperial Commando: 501st" where Gilamar kills Dred Priest and, prior to dumping Priest's body, removes a logo-covered shoulder bell to use as proof of Priest's death and affiliation with Death Watch (I'm hugely paraphrasing, but I trust you'll forgive me.) This...