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  1. Theboba


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  2. L

    Shin Tools Looking for Boba Fett painted ESB Armor

    Hi Guys is there someone who can print and paint a boba fett armor from Empire strikes back? It has to match up with my blackseries hasbro boba fett helmet Best regards
  3. aucks181

    James' Mandalorian Build

    Hi everyone This is my first Mando build having put together 5-6 other costumes so would describe myself as an "intermediate" builder. Having spent most of my time working with ABS on TK/TB/TS I consider myself a "beginner" when it comes to Mando's and wanted to document my progress in the hope...
  4. Ghosthippy

    New to Forum / Want to start a Commander Cody Build / Need Help

    Hello, I am looking into building my own Commander Cody (ROTS) Costume from 3d printed parts and have a CR-10S. I am looking for any information on STL. or OBJ. files that can be purchased or are shared free online. If you have any tips on where I should look or who I should talk to, please let...
  5. Midnight5amurai

    Clone Commando vibroblade

    I wasn't sure where to post this, since the Commandos do appear in TCW but their knuckle blades only appear in BF2 if memory serves right. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone who makes working handguards with the vibroblades. .
  6. TK11468

    My RS Prop ROTJ build

    I took my RS build out in public for the first time last weekend. My foam helmet padding shifted because I secured it temporarily with some tape. After some wear and sweat the padding no longer sat where I originally had it and it made my bucket sit low and forward quite a bit. I have to fix...
  7. R

    Gauntlet and Knee scratchbuild help

    I'm working on a scratch built ESB Boba Fett costume- my first- using WizardofFlights templates. I've been able to put most of the armor together without a sweat, using Sintra, but I'm having some trouble figuring out how the gauntlets and knees are supposed to be assembled- the templates are a...
  8. Ellingsworth

    Kal Skirata Shoulder Bell Trophy Wall

    There is a moment at the end of "Imperial Commando: 501st" where Gilamar kills Dred Priest and, prior to dumping Priest's body, removes a logo-covered shoulder bell to use as proof of Priest's death and affiliation with Death Watch (I'm hugely paraphrasing, but I trust you'll forgive me.) This...