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Lord Maul

<font color="red"> Greetings I am new and was curious as to what a Mystery helmet goes for. as one of my friends in the 501st has one and I am very impressed with it. I am planning on doing an ESB Fett. As a costume for when I don't feel like being Darth Maul and he is by far my favorite OT character. Any help would be appreciated.
Unpainted and untrimmed about 200-300 range

Painted and finished 400-600

Those are numbers I have seen around here and on ebay I am just guessing the average I have been outbid about 5 times on a Mystery Helmet.
<font color="red"> Woohoo! I won the helmet! :eek: :thumbsup: It should be here next week or the week after!
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<font color="red"> Well the package arrived about fifteen minutes ago! I got the fiberglass version and I'll tell you what, this helmet is awesome to look at even in an unfinished state! I'll try to get some pics up soon as I begin working on getting it ready for paint.(Not going to paint it until I get and paint my armor which is still like a month away) But it'll be nice to have it ready for when the time comes.
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