Jumpsuit color?


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I tried searching for this issue in the forum, but no real luck. So what color is Boba's jumpsuit suppose to be. I've looked at picts and the jumpsuit seems to range from kahki, to light blue, to light grey. Obviously kahki is the easiest to find jumpsuits (or cargo pants) in, but I don't want to do that if kahki isn't correct. Also looking into a grey army/airforce flight suit, but those don't have the big cargo pockets. Maybe I should try BDUs (EMT/SWAT pants)? Any hints or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
not really any khaki in the jumpsuits.

The ROTJ suit is a light grey, where as the ESB is a light baby blueish-grey

The Pre Pro suit is a darker grey then that of the ESB or ROTJ

Use the search feature and type in dickies. You can take 2 dickies jumpsuits and make a use one for the long sleeves and then make alot more alterations to it.

Or you can get a stellar suit from: skygunbro

his Jumpsuits are incredible.
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