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Weird, Well I know that there wasnt anythign crooked about the vector itself. Though tessalted hexes have a slight bit of optical illusion going on where depending on the angle they may look longer one way - but if you turn your head you realize its the same all around. Not saying thats what the issues was; just saying that its not unlikely that, that is not helping.

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If anyone's interested I'd be willing to let my 6 yards go. Beautiful as it is, I need the money more right now. >.< PM me if you're interested.

(If we're not allowed to make this kind of post in this section, I apologize. I didn't want to post in the Cargo Hold since the people who frequent this thread probably don't check that section often.)


I'm also wondering I'd anyone has bought the black braces with green triangles? Everytime I watch the movie or see pics, I can't help but think the braces are black but appear gray because of the strong lights reflecting off them. Are the ones available on the web made from a "reflective" thread? I might get them just to test it!


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Well, I got a pair of the black with green diamond braces from Albert Thurston and they are just awesome. I thought the same as you and I'm quite certain now that these are the same braces that are worn in the movie. I add a few pictures with different lighting (cellphonecam again, sorry)





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Hey Guys ive been following this board for a very long time and finally decided to join in. I was wondering how much fabric i should purchase if Kwally still has any more. Im about 6' tall 150 pounds and in dress shirts i wear a medium or large or a 16 34/35. Thanks


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Also i was wondering how everyones shirts came out... i asked on the other board about the fabric but then i saw no one has replied on that board for quite some time... thanks for any responses


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I've still got mine setting waiting....

Here's some new ref. pics for buttons though. :p :


And one of the vest -