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Jr Hunter
Hey everyone!

I've been trying to figure out how to build Jango now that after going through the approval process for Boba and knowing all the fitting, minor adjustments, etc. I need to do for costumes. droidbait WIP thread really inspired me since he's so excited to build his Jango and super nice when it comes to sharing insights as he's building it through IG conversations we have had.

I originally wanted to be a Jango instead of Boba, but really struggled finding the parts since I was so inexperienced a year or two ago. However, thanks to all of the prop makers and members here I have finally been able to find the source of all of the parts I want to piece it together to make a Jango.

  • Helmet - Dentless from Wasted Fett - Purchased, ETA 6 weeks from 8/10/2020
  • Armor - Skyfire - On waiting list, ETA 5-6 weeks from 8/10/2020
  • Jetpack - Classic Jetpack - Not sure anymore.
  • Flak Vest - BobaMaker - Purchased, ETA 3 months, sometime in November
  • Flightsuit - BobaMaker - Purchased, ETA 3 months, sometime in November
  • Gloves - Amazon - got a couple pairs from Amazon on the way... we'll see which one fits
  • Leather goods - Cruzer - Purchased, ETA about 3-4 weeks from 8/12/2020
  • Jetpack Harness - planning on SEEKER
  • Boots - CrowProps - Purchased, ETA about 3-4 weeks from 8/10/2020
  • Westar's - honestly, I might not even buy these, if someone has an old "crappy" pair let me know since my local convention doesn't allow any gun props anymore so I don't want to spend a bunch of money on really nice ones
  • Gauntlet/Knee Darts - I got my own STLs in another thread with help of droidbait and Madrox from TheBHG based off of Dark-Side's measurements, but if he has a run I'd probably buy them from him.

I'm planning on painting the jetpack and helmet myself with rattlecans so I'll be posting some pictures of that in the next few weeks.
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Jr Hunter
Got my DVH jetpack.

There were a good amount of air bubbles and cracks in the gelcoat that I've poked out with my fingers and sometimes an exacto knife to get the gelcoat out of the hole and am planning to use some USC icing (recommended by Darth Voorhees) or basic Bondo Filler.

The worst part is the upper jetpack part. Looks like there are some holes in the fiberglass so I'll need to reinforce it and sand it out. I did pick at these to make sure it wouldn't chip.

There are some parts Lou assembled for me that I'll need to add some bondo as well to fill seams and create some smoothness like on the thrusters.

Figured I'd show some photos since I never see this stuff in other's WIP threads.

DVH 3.jpg

DVH 2.jpg



Jr Hunter
Found a part of it just now that really bummed me out.

I thought I had found all the "soft" spots where there were air bubbles between the gelcoat and fiberglass.

Sadly, with my fingers I straight up poked a hole through and you can sort of see there is basically just like 1-2 strands of fiberglass cloth and very little resin under this part of the jetpack. I couldn't find any other bubbles, blisters, etc. But this one is concerning since I don't know if bondo could fix it since the structural integrity between these hole and a little below is weak.

I messaged Darth Voorhees and showed him this part of the jetpack just seems to have missed fiberglass cloth since it's pretty weak. He said he will make a new one a little thicker for me at my request since he's surprised this cast has so many problems.. I'll update the thread once I get some other updates.

dvh jetpack.jpg

EDIT: I asked Lou for a refund instead. Lou said no problem and I sent the pack back to him yesterday 9-9-2020. Lou has been super nice and communicative with me even before I ultimately decided to send this back for a refund instead of getting a new pack from him.

Also in these photos I have sanded with 320 grit sand paper the air bubbles, paint pockets etc, which is why the white primer is turning into a opaque tan-white gelcoat.
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Darth Voorhees

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Since I was tagged, if someone searches my name this is one of the posts that will come up, so I feel the need to post here as these posts give the impression that my packs are crap. I have sold over 100 of these and rarely or never have any issues with them. There are many folks trooping these all the time with no issues I am aware of. Occasionally these bubbles joe speaks of do happen as it’s hard to tell if there is a slight “ lift”of the fiberglass that may create a small “ bubble” between the Matt and the gelcoat. I usually repair them if I find them before I ship kits. That said it seems this one has more than I would accept. This may be because it was cast on a hot day and the fiberglass was likely curing a little faster due to the heat and it wasn’t fully seated in those tough corners when it started to cure. Again difficult to see while doing it. As for the thin fiberglass spot, again this rarely happens, I obviously missed that one.

that said, I did think there was to many issues with this particular body, so I offered a replacement body to Joe at no extra charge. Ultimately he decided he wanted to send the kit back and get a refund, so that’s where we are at. Just wanted to state that I stand behind my work and if there is an issue I will work with you to resolve it.

good luck with your build Joe!


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Having done lots of fiberglass work in the past, I can tell you that laying any kind of cloth in inside corners is difficult to try and get all of the air bubbles out. A quick fix would also be to whip up some 5 min epoxy and work into the hole. Still looks like a nice pack!