Jodo_Kast_XIII and Blastech's Helmet Mission: Status=FAILURE

Well..I started construction on my Jodo Kast helmet this afternoon with my good buddy Blastech. We started at Wal-Mart and got the RTV Silicon that Richie had instructed us to buy for installing the visor with. We also looked at material for the cape, but didn't purchase any.

When we got to Blastech's pad, we began to cut the plastic part of the visor of my 96 DP(a old Jango Bear helmet ;)) with the dremel tool. Blastech did a very neat job with it and we started the installation of the visor soon after. (Here's where the s&*% hits the fan.) We placed the RTV silicon on the visor and gently layed it in the helmet. After several minutes of us trying to get it situated, the silicon crap smeared all over the front of the visor. We tried to wipe it off but it only made it worse. Wet rags, paper towels, and a scraper didn't get the silicon off. So..1st visor...ruined. We decided to take the old visor out of Blastech's old helmet and try it in (since he's getting a new fiber glass one soon). We also decided to go with hot glue instead of RTV Silicon. After warming up the visor a little to make it soft and able to form, we placed it in the helmet and put the hot glue in. After holding and thinking we had the job accomplished, I realized that the glue wasn't sticking to the helmet at after a few more choice words we took out the visor and began to brainstorm. We needed something to hold the shape of the empty visor without it warping, and we needed it fast. So we went with duct tape. So the helmet is just sitting there with duct tape holding the visor in. Sure it looks bootleg, but's getting the job done ;P. Any ideas on what to do to make the helmet visor fit?
what I did was used hotglue. I laide the visor in place and at the sides of the eye and down near the bottom i put some duck (duc)tape to hold it in place. then with a hot glue gun I started on one side and glued along the seam, I proped the helmet up between some books to hold it in place till it dried and held good, then repeated the same with the other side. Hope that helps, glad to know the helmet got there. did you like the bounty hunter pass I put in as well?

Some types of hot glue stick and some types don't. The stuff that's not clear and is for high temperature worked best for me. The clear stuff did not work well at all. I used the same method Bear used for gluing his in.

BTW, Bear, glad to see your costume's coming out well! It's great to see somebody so super close to finishing (because we are never finished). :)
Ahhh...this may be why the hot glue didn't work. We had the clear type. I also just thought about using gasoline to take the silicon of the visor maybe, if that works.

Yep..the helmet arrived a-ok(perfect shape might I add) and the Hunters pass(or license as I call it ;)) is uber-sweet! I'll wear it to all my conventions. :)
Ugh, gasoline. Whenever I hear about people using that for reasons other than powering a motor, I think about the Darwin Awards, and how many of those stories gasoline is a major part of.

If you messed up the visor, it's really easy to make a new one from just a flat piece of smoked plexiglass. I posted about it on a merged visors thread around here somewhere, I even included pictures.

edit: I bumped the thread. Look on page 3.
Hot glue and screws! I pre-drilled the holes in the visor, screwed it in place, then sealed it all together with hot glue. I cut off the ends of the screws with a hacksaw, and that baby ain't goin' anywhere!

It looks really secure Boba Phat...but what about when your visor cracks? I hope you left a way to remove it if you have to replace it for some reason. I've already had to replace one, because I abuse my whole costume like crazy. Maybe if you are extremely careful with stuff, it might never crack. I can't take that chance, I know myself too well.
You can by some really small C-clamps at Menards and Im sure they have it at home Depot. They are about a $1.00 a piece. Clamp the bottom of each side of your visor at the bottm(gently). Use the duck tape to keep the demension at 2 and an 1/8th of an inch on the outside. Use Power Poxy instant adhesive by superglue to make two spot areas secure on each side on the inside at the side of teh visor-helmet interface. Get teh stuff that sets in a minute and you have about four minutes to work/wait. Allow your spot glue areas to set and then do a couple at the top. Then use your silicone to secure all areas around the visor and if you ever have to take it out you only have to put a little cutting work into cutting the couple of super glue spots as the silcone easily comes out. My two cents.
lol menards lol... Haven't seen one of those in awhile.
(my nards hehehe)...


Yeah, screws are my favorite way to do it. Depending on the type you use you may or may not have to cover the ends when they go in, you don't want them visible from the outside.

And make sure you chop off the points on the inside or cover them with hot glue or quikplastik. I got a nice scrape on my nose from taking off my helmet in a hurry at comic-con. It hurt...

Im currently redoing my helmet, so I'll tell you how I did it the first time. Glued the visor in and took thumbtacks (the flat kind) and clipped them so they wouldnt go all the way through the helmet. Then I just pushed them through the visor and into the helmet. Worked great. Too bad the paint didn't.
Yep... but I forgot to mention, cut the tips at an angle. It worked fantastic, and didnt take that much work. Looked kinda neat too with the little white circles lined up on the inside of the helmet.

Damn, I forgot to take that damned angel off my sig.
My visor is a pretty thick smoked acrylic and I used some sort of silicon gel to install it. I first rough sanded the inside of the visor area so that it had a better surface to stick to. It's held up great so far (one year).
Yesterday I used Goop to install an old visor into my old warped 97 DP just so I at least had a helmet with a decent visor and it worked pretty good. I love Goop :love
Hotmelt. The darker/tanish hotglue is hotmelt. It dries very fast so you don't want to try and do the whole visor at once, but it will hold. Hotglue sticks to itself better than anything else, that is why it pops out as one piece. Hotmelt sticks to everything else better and you have to cut it out to remove it. Much stronger and works in most hotglue guns.
I believe Jedireject is referring to "hot melt caulk", which is available at most large hardware stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.)

Also, forget about using "Low Temp" hot glue. It won't work. Regular "High Temp" hot glue should work fine though, or you can use the hot melt caulk. :)
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