Jodo Kast Jodo Kast's Main Blaster.

Here some shots of my old blaster for my Kast. Pay no attention to the insane amount of dust collected on it, it's been on my top shelf since about Moses' time.!





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Mmmmm... Mighty fine, mighty fine. Looks like you added the back end of the scope since I saw it last. Bout time for some touch up paint me thinks. :D


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I did try that twice...they work now though,lol. Your manequin(spelling?) pics didnt work for me either, Ill try them here soon. I based my blaster rifle off of the Decipher version....mabey Ill try and do this one for my TEOD version.....

Jodo Kast 3

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OK Erik...

Time to spill yer guts...

How did you connect the sides to the main body? And then how did you get your front fins to bend/curve for you?

Do Tell???