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I'm thinking about doing a quick paint job for a friend, what colors are people using for Jodo Kast's helmet?
Ears, Cheeks, Dome, Back, Mandibles, RF, stripes? Ammount of stripes? Any trademark weathering?

Please excuse my ignorance. And thanks for any info.
I would go the site in my signature line. On the pics page, there are some decent reference pics.
My personal take is that the helmet is more of a hunter green with orange mandibles. I went with a color called "Florida Orange" which is a nice rich orange.

The upper and lower cheeks seem to be a tad lighter but the same color for each - maybe a forest green.

Earpieces - dark grey i think.

As for the kill marks, roughly the same as Fett - maybe minus one since Kast lost that fight. (Fett the freakin' backstabber. lol)

Good luck - would love to see pics when you are done.

This is my helmet....

The general consensus for Jodo Colors are an orange trimmed helmet, with orange gauntlets that match the shoulder and knee armor. And my stripes are a maroon red.

This is the pic I`ve built my costume from..

Let me know if you need any help with your project...I`d be glad to help in any way possible.

As much as I like the movie Fetts, for some strange reason I love Jodo Kast. Even though he did get his a** handed to him in the comic, the overall look and his story rocks. I've only seen one 'complete' (minus jet pack) Jodo in some DragonCon pics, I dunno who that is though. I'd love to see some more complete costumes if anyone has any.

Sorry for the hijack :D.
I might catch some sh** for this, but I might turn that extra MSH I have into a Jodo.
I might leave out the cheek detail (unless he actually has that in the comics) I'm really digging that helmet. :)
RA painted my Jodo helmet. He used a dark, flat green for the body, flat black for the mandibles and I believe pumpkin orange for the "T".


Who...This guy?

That would be me.

Or this guy?

The gentleman to my left in the Jodo Kast armor is Jodo Kast XIII, his kick arse outfit won him first place in the Expanded Universe section of the DCon contest. That would be me in the plain clothes.... :lol:

The one I was talking about was the second one, but your suit rocks too! I think after I'm done with my custom I might start on a Jodo, there isn't a single one out here in SoCal (that I know of anyway). Great work on your Jodo, man.
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