Jet Pack Question. Build or Buy?

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Jetpack Question. Build or Buy?

Hey all,

Sorry to bring up the past [posts that is] but what do you recommend for the ESB/ROTJ Jet Pack?

Should I look for a Resin Kit, scratch build it or just buy a completed one, should I find it? Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated. :)

Stay safe.

It's like armor, it just depends on what you want. Do you want to spend a lot of time, or a lot of money? Or maybe some of both. Some people like to have a really heavy, solid feeling jet pack so it feels more "real" to them (I think that's the logic). Other people can't stand to think of even having to wear a harness, so they make themselves a jet pack that's as light as possible. I wouldn't know anyone like that, nooooooo. ;) (I stick mine on with velcro).
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Hi LisaFett,

Thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate it. :D

Well, I'm a 'Military' freak, so I guess having the solid weight of a Jet Pack on my back/shoulders would be comforting.

Harness it is...
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Halo, I know what you are saying. I think the weight of your JP makes it feel more real. Like you can BLAST OFF. lol!!!

I am making mine heavy enough to feel real, but hopefully not heavy enough that my harness can't support it. :cry
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Halo_1 wrote:Hi LisaFett,

Thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate it. :D

Well, I'm a 'Military' freak, so I guess having the solid weight of a Jet Pack on my back/shoulders would be comforting.

Harness it is...

Dude, screw that. Being in the Army, I have had my share of 12 mile ruck marches with 60-80lbs on your back, F&%k that. I am with Lisafett, light as a feather.
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Desloc, I hear ya. ;) I did my 2 and a half year stint in the Army, Combat Field Engineers, as an E5. I had to lug around some pretty heavy stuff, being Sappers and Bridging Specialists and all, I feel for ya.

But I'm still in the Reserves and add to that my High Speed Gear collection just got bigger with a new Large Becker. I guess a slightly heavier Jet Pack won't matter that much. :D

Thanks again fellow hunters, I really appreciate the feedback.
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If you want to buy a jet pack they usually go from 150 -450$ US.
If you build one, yes you may have some hardships but you will be truly proud of something that you have created from scratch. Something to be proud of. Very Proud. And when people ask where did you get that thing and you tell them you MADE IT. Everyone will be truly amazed/impressed.
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It's not just the weight for me...the harness means I have a harder time getting out of the thing. Which means I don't drink anything. For obvious reasons. It's a little easier to be a guy in that case. :eek:
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I've got a potential harness/support system supposedly on it's way to me. It's only a hunch right now, but I think I might have nailed down what the original JP harness was. (y) I'll have to wait and see though. I'll keep y'all posted on it. Once I get it, the weight shouldn't be problem at all. Not that my pack will get above 15 lbs. anyway.
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Phantomfett, you're overestimating me. I've got a really good internal frame backpack for travels, one of the few things in my life that I did not spare expense on. I only put up to 20 pounds in there, and after an hour I really just would rather not have it on. No backaches, nothing like that, but I just think about how much better it is not to have to put up with it. :)

I'm still totally curious what you think the harness was! We've seen the belt, seen the clips on the back...maybe seen parts of it on the groun in SW Chronicles...what else do we know?
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I've run some of the MOM pics from the ref CD by a buddy of mine, and he presented me with a very logical explanation on what it probably is. I don't want to start any rumors though until I receive it. :( I'd hate to be wrong, you know? :) Don't worry though; I'll keep you posted LisaFett. :)
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Hmmm, okay thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. ;)

Looks like I'll be doing the 'build' part. Anyone know where I can pick up a Resin/Fiberglass JetPack Kit? I know I know, I'm a little lazy... :D

Any more help would see you as my saviour and me as your, um, a..., let's see, ...personal slave/bounty hunter/stormtrooper type person? :D

Stay safe all.
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Here are my templates, sorry I haven't put together a tutorial yet, maybe someday.

Check out this thread to see how Shinobi Fett is creating his JP using the templates. He has done a fantastic job on the rocket.

Also you should check out Bobamakers excellent JP build page to get a feel for what is involved in tackling such a project, though not from my templates the build process is the same. Pack_Project.html

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WoF: I haven't used them, but I've seen your plans, and they are fantastic. Every little detail taken into account. As far as scratchbuilding a pack goes, yours are the plans to use, I'd say.

I've also been following Bobamaker's progress closely since it began, and the way it's coming along.........well, I don't know, but it's a work of art.
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building it yourself is the way to go, not only is it a rewarding process but you can make the jet pack the way you want, whether you want it light or heavy. etc. etc.

not everyone wants it light as a feather and not everyone wants to walk around a convention hall, already extremely hot, with an extra 40lbs on their back.

building it yourself is a way to save money and still get the jet pack you want.
plus look at all the people willing to help you out

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