Jasonic's (very novice) ESB helmet paint up


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Hi there!

Thought I would put up a bit of a WIP of my ESB helmet. I'm a bit of a novice (this is the 2nd helmet I've ever attempted, after a Boushh paintup).

I bought this helmet from DVH a few years ago now, while I was waiting for my FPH2 from Fettpride (and armour). It obviously never arrived, and to be honest, the ordeal killed my excitement for the hobby. I know there are a lot of people in the fettpride boat, so I wont go on about that. So I've had this and half of the rest of the costume sitting here for years now.

Anyway, I got bored during the covid lockdown so I thought I'd attempt this finally. Decided not to pressure myself with 100% accuracy and just try and have fun with it. I've kind of skipped most of the progress pics and just shown the highlights, considering most of the main part of the helmet is done.


I've got a few details to fix up, add in some finer scratches, weathering etc, before I move on to the ear pieces and range finder.

One day I'd love to get the courage to invest in a fiberglass cast again, but having been burned pretty badly, it's hard to justify right now.

Anyway, thanks for looking :)
this looks good to my untrained eye. It looks like you were using the masking technique, did you do any layering too? Im attempting a sort of hybrid method.
this looks good to my untrained eye. It looks like you were using the masking technique, did you do any layering too? Im attempting a sort of hybrid method.
Thank you! Yes most of it has been done with layering, with some of the smaller details painted on top. That hybrid method sounds like a good way to me :)
Here's a little bit more progress... I've made a start on the ear pieces, just have to add in those arches, stripes, and logos etc.




I need to get a visor from somewhere too! Does anyone have any recommendations? I live in Australia, and getting things down here from the US is mega expensive at the moment... I've looked at t-visor.com, but was hoping there might be something down here. If not, I might just have to bite the bullet haha.
Dude! That is killer, you obviously have tremendous talent and skill. I appreciate the humble description of "novice " but you need to give yourself more credit. Very fine work sir, very fine indeed!
Wow, thanks so much for your words!

Haha yeah, I guess I consider myself a 'novice' experience-wise! This is my first Boba Fett helmet, and 2nd overall project like this (my first was a Boushh helmet).

It really helps that this is such an experienced and supportive community though!

Thanks again
Finally finished the ears and attached them. There's a couple of things I want to tidy up on them, paint-wise, but pretty happy with them otherwise.

I attached each piece with a couple of screws and they feel pretty sturdy.

Now I just have to paint and attach the rangefinder and try and locate a visor...



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