Armor Jango's Knee Darts and Armor



I'm getting to that part of my armor and need some good photos. Are they the same as boba's minus the elastic and just the silver color? I seem to remember all of the darts being the same length but maybe I'm crazy. Thanks

I think they are the same with the exception that all four are un-fired.


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You're not seeing things...the top dart IS larger than the bottom. The bottom dart is the same size as a BF ROTJ knee dart...

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The sections seem to be the same length, just the diameter is smaller.
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I hope that he doesn't mind, but I found these pics at Max Plague's site

It appears that the 4th section of the darts are absent on the left knee in some pics.


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Expertly crafted by Chuck R. from this board,I offer fiberglass castings of these knees:


can be battle damaged (replace a dart with a cone) and you have Boba's.
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Thought this would be good info for this thread:
bigkidbiggertoys wrote:I cut the basic shape out of 1/8" sintra & added the curves with a heat gun until I was satisfied with the shape. The actual knee part was a piece of 1/4" sintra shaped to the same curve & glued on top. I then rough sanded with 60 grit sandpaper & filled in the gaps with bondo and sanded until I got the shape I desired. The knee darts are acrylic tubing. I used 1/2" OD & 1/2" ID for this. Very simple & it worked very well without adding weight. The attachment point is two pieces of 1/2" sinra again, cut, sanded & filled. The f shape is another 1/8" piece of sintra. There is enough flex in them to allow freedom of movement without fear of them cracking & the bondo popping off.
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Okay, I'm having issues with the darts and housing. I'm VERY satisfied with my knee armor (it took me forever to form it, but I got it to near perfection), but my darts w/housing are clumsy, ugly, and heavy. Anyone know where I can get JUST the darts w/housing? It doesn't look like I'll have this thing done by Halloween anyway, so I can wait for the shipping.
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I've been making my knee darts from looking at Mirax H's knee darts. Knee darts are made from nylon spacers found at your local hardware store. When I asked Mirax what size of nylon spacers that she bought she said that she'd forgot. So here's the help.

Each knee dart has 4 sections.
Top Knee Dart:
1. 1/2 x .375 x 5/8
2. Glue 3 3/4 x 1/2 x 3/8 pieces and sand them to make the length of spacers approx. 1".
3. 1/2 x .257 x 1/4
4. Glue 2 3/4 x 1/2 x 3/8 pieces.

Bottom Knee Dart:
5. 3/8 x .171 x 1/2
6. 1/2 x .328 x 1
7. 3/8 x .171 x 1/2
8. 1/2 x .375 x 5/8

Glue all 4 section pieces of the top & bottom knee darts together. Sand glued pieces to smoothen the section piece. Finally, spray paint them metallic silver.

I hope that helps everyone.
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Being inspired by Mirax's handy work on doing your own armor, I decided to give it shot and rework my knees.

It will never end.

Next - the codpiece :lol:

First 3 shots of the finished knees compare to ther real ones on the right. then some shots of the process.

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

<image src=>

Now the process
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