BoBF Knee armor colors.


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I know that the knees is the same yellow color as the ones from the OT, except for the grey color around the chips and tiny dents, in which the OT Boba was a light yellow color. But there is this area just behind the dart launchers that I can't tell what color it is exactly... is it flat black, dark grey, or green as the jetpack and armor?

What do you think?

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Interesting, I never realized that area was a different color! One more thing to add to the DIY list. :)

I also asked my buddy who's super good at IDing things, and he thinks it's a grey/medium grey with a light blackwash.
Here's a brightened copy and yeah, looks grey.

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It looks really close to the grey used for the scratches and chipped dents. Also to point out, the knees has a tiny black ridge on the knees, which makes it completely different from the OT armor.


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Is that top piece black? I assumed it was green like the armor... but you know what happens when you assume. :)

Yes, it is black, either flat or satin black if you ask me. Below is a picture from the Mystery Makers files. However, his version shows that the back of the darts is actually green and not grey. I am not sure how accurate is that.


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I just found out that the color behind the knee darts and the ridge on top of the knees is actually a "grey metallic", which I will assume it's like a gunmetal color without the shine, maybe a satin finish at the most. I don't remember if I got this picture from the forums here or from somewhere else, though.

Knee Armor Colors Details.JPG

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Not sure where that above image comes from but it is incorrect. The strip on the top is a flat black and the dart holder is a dark grey, a little darker than the chipping color. Neither color is metallic.
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