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Jango Vest finish final update 02/09/07

ATTENTION Price update 11/01/2007

After bringing this vest to top accuracy (thanks again for all your help to make it that accurate), i feel ready to make a run of these.

The vest comes with all accurate Seams, piping etc.

The price for the Vest will be

weathered VEST $US 300 + shipping

So send me a lot of orders, cause i have a lot of bills laying around me;)

For those of you who also ordered the Flight suit, hang on here and save the shipping.


I finally did it!
The Jango Fett Vest V.1 is finished.:cheers
Today i will open a big bottle of fine mandalorian wine;)
I want to say thank you for all your suggestions, sniper eyes, and for all the warm words that gave me enough power to complete what i have started.(y)
I know that the pics are a little dark but for the first posting i thinks its o.k.
I will do another photo run this week.
Now watch and enjoy ;)











Just to let everyone know, the helmet on the pics is a photomontage, I´m still working on mine.

ATTENTION: update 02/05/07: Vest V.1 finished BIG UPDATE
ATTENTION: Piping update 01/11/07 SEE PICS of my third prototype
ATTENTION: Color update 12/20/06 SEE PICS of my second prototype
Hi everybody,

seems like i have my creative tailoring run at the moment (see my jumpsuit run) and I'm planing to make my own Jango vest.

I'm not sure what color i should use and i would be very happy for any help to make this as accurate as possible.

Here are some samples

choco grey, royal blue, ocean blue, silver grey

The next question is the template.
I need a accurate template for the vest and would be very pleased if some of you, who owns one, could send it to me.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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I haven't started mine yet, but from looking at the reference cd it looks like the vest at one time was the same color as the gloves, with significantly more sun damage. I was thinking of maybe going with a
Blue and then lightly fading the leather.
If you were limited to only those colors, I'd go with the second one (the one that's more of a charcoal grey).(y)

The gloves and the vest on Jango Fett are haven't the same color.

The Glvoves is Blue/Grey ( similar Royal blue )
The vest is grey.

I'm sure of that... ;)
Hey, thanks for your quick responses.

Here are some pics that i made in Paris.
I think royal blue would fit, but not sure.





Cruzer, thank you for providing me so much assistance on the Jango Suit. I'm never limited to anything ;) So if these colors does not match the right one, lets open the next door.)

Any color samples?


It's the original color from a shoulder:


And It's the 2 original color from the flightsuit in the same pic:


It is what I obtain, surely there will be million variations.

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I was there.... with my colors and leather champion/model ! ( Example : see the pictures when I had verify the suit color ) (y)

I have been able to verify the colors in Milano at the "Star Wars:The show", July 2005 ! As I had say I'm sure of that ..;) The light blue/green have the prevalence in the pictures : the result are the colors not real....

P.S.. See the good images of "Seeker's Jango Fett "... is my opinion that the colors of suit, vest and Gloves are perfect !!



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Based on seeing the vest in person and the ref. pics, I agree the leather looks to have a hint of blue in it. However, I did not get to see it as up close as Darth Steven (wow).

It also does seem to be misted with a couple earth hues and grey that kinda hides the blue tone.

I think he's right, the closest that can be bought outside of a custom order, is a charcoal grey color of leather (which is hard to find in itself).

But I do feel it's made from an analine dyed leather hyed that has minimal texture, and about 2-2.5 oz weight.

Just my opinion.
No problem Cruzer .. :)

I have seen Jango costume near, too and take vision of many details. ( vest and other... 2 hours with Jango costume ).
Perhaps the vest has been "aged" with a blue/grey color, and maybe
to "come outside" it in the photos ... but the based color of the leather was like in the following image.

I hope to help you, buddies !

I suppose that there will be better the previous, worse image this one is the result that I have obtained:


And the Jump Suit result:



PD: I use the Galactic Bounty Hunter costum with a REFERENCE.
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Well well well,

it seams like i have to do 3 vests in dif. colors :) :D ;) to start the final discussion.

I still need the templates.
I know that there is already a template out there, just dont know where.
HELP ME!!! ;)


Mike aka LOANSTAR (see my signature)
Any progress on this?

I'm a sucker for research so here are some hides currently being offered by the seller kysonleather on ebay that are advertised as being various shades of dark blue. It says they'll send free samples of specific colors being sought.




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