Jango Newbie's Progress Pics !!!!

Jango 5204

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Here are 2 pictures of my Jango to date. I'd appreciate some feedback. It's not 100% accurate, but it'll work darn good for Halloween. Thanks to everyone here for all the killer info and help.
BKBT helmet
Sintra armor
SGB suit & vest
Home made leather stuff, braided belt from Cruzer's list
Mr's blasters
JD cod & knees
Dark-side aluminum goodies
Jet Pack, unknown maker, got it used and did conversion, still in progress
No gauntlets???? Man of War on their way....soooon!!!(y)

Almost there. Just ordered TK armor to keep the projects flowing (y)


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You look kinda flat in it. You need to bulk up a little. I think you made it a few sizes to big :lol:

It looks good...on the floor anyways :confused

Put it on and take pictures!

that jet pack looks great, where or how did you get it? those holsters and blasters look great too, hell the whole suit does. yea i am a little new to all of this, but that looks awesome!
The jet pack was a kit that Cruzer had laying around. I made all the leather stuff, and the blasters are master replicas. I just finished up the shoe armor and got it attached tonight. Once I get my jumpsuit and vest back I'll be putting it all together and getting done.(y) It's hard to find time, I'm also doing TK armor

BTW, my original plan was to build a nice halloween costume. I found this place, and it was all down hill from there. About $1700/ 6 months later I'm almost done.
It's the gray vinyl. He actually has my suit & vest for alterations right now. Should be getting it back pretty soon. I should be getting my MOW gauntlets any day (hopefully?) All that's left is the back armor and finishing touches.
Just gone my refitted jumpsuit back. I haven't run the straps through the suit yet. I literally took it out of the box and put the bottom together. I also got my MOW's today, they look nice :cheers . Like to hear any suggestions you may have. I will be mounting the thigh armor about 1/4 inch higher. It tends to bump the knees sometimes when walking. Other than that I'm pleased with the outcome.
holy!*jumps into a volcano in mustafar* THATSAGreatcoustumeduuuuuude!!!!! *SPLASH* araghhhhh!!!!!!

That's old out dated stuff. I've already switched all the leg armor, except for the knees to JD . I'll be getting the BKBT chest armor, when it's available. I'll also be getting an MLC stubby when I hear back from someone. (Obviously the legs in the pic are not JD, but it's a more recent picture.) Haven't finished the new parts yet.
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