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Hey guys and gals :D I am a little apprehensive about starting this thread, but here it goes. Please read carefully.

I’m sure you are all aware by now, that an ILM Jango Fett Helmet casting, and misc. Armor castings have been floating around since late last year. I believe Bobamaker presented it to the board sometime back. There are a couple of other members that have obtained castings as well.

The history of these parts are pretty simple. They’ve been verified authentic. I would be more than happy to discuss the history openly, if the mods approve. Until then, if anyone desires to hear a bit more about the history, I will have a special “Canned Response” prepared, so please do not be offended if it is not personalized to you.

For those that may have been unaware, until now the existence of these items have been kept on the QT for whatever the individual reasons are that other members may have had. So it is not my place to speak for them. But it should be said here and now, that this was their right, and they should not be chastised for elitism or anything of the kind. They were not obligated by any means to share. So I ask that we ALL keep this thread civil.

The Prelude to “The Point” of this topic …

I’ve been speaking with the source of these “Mystery Castings” for quite sometime, and have been given the opportunity to procure these molds from him directly.

As some have already noted, the castings that have trickled from this source were in very rough condition. It should be noted that this is NOT because the mold is in poor condition. Although the source of this mold is a Prop/FX professional that worked for Fox Studios Australia during production of Episode II, the individual that produced castings from this mold is also a Prop/FX professional that worked for Fox Studios Australia during production of Episode III, and a personal friend of professional number one. Although he has many years of experience, and is good at what he does, he simply didn’t take the time to secure and reassemble the mold/jacket properly in between castings (admittedly so). His attention to detail was not as “Anal” as we here at TDH, simply because it wasn’t as important to him as it obviously is to us here at TDH ;) So it should also be said, that any casting from this mold until now, is not as “True” to the original intended object of our desires as it could have been. That being said …

The “Point” of this topic …

It is my desire to make sure that other members of TDH have an equal opportunity to obtain one of these rare “Helmet” castings. It is not my desire, nor my intent.
to decrease the value of such a rare item by flooding the market with many copies of that item. Which is why I am CONSIDERING making these castings available in limited edition to the members of TDH if there is enough interest.

Before anyone can even put it out there, it should also be said that this is not about profit. Although I have invested quite a sum of money to procure these molds, my investment is my cross to bear, regardless of the outcome. My risk alone. If it were my intent to make profit, I would flood e-bay with them immediately. I won’t deny that I will be attempting to make back my investment. This would be shear stupidity if I didn’t. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s about the most I will even attempt expect from this. This is simply my “Surprise” to TDH. My way of giving back to the community. My reputation here is solid.

A few details about the characteristics of the mold itself, as well as answers to some of the questions that will most definitely arise …

The mold is a seamless “platinum” cure (addition cure) silicone (durable long life rubber). It is supported by a rigid fiberglass reinforced polyester jacket.

This is technically not the best way to retain a shape like this, simply because it is a glove mold that must be rolled off of the casting when cured, and repositioned into the support jacket properly. In a lot of cases, if the outer layer of rubber isn’t smooth enough (hills and valleys or bumps on the surface) the rubber may be difficult to seat back into position inside of the glass jacket’s negative hills, valleys or bumps. In other words, like it was the day the mold was made. But it is NOT impossible ;) A little extra care must be taken obviously.

The inside surface of the rubber is like new. I can say from experience, that this is NOT a mold that has had a hundred castings pulled from it. In my opinion, not even 15. But of course, I cannot prove this. But there is plenty of life left :lol:

It may also be asked, “Why don’t you just pull a clean casting, and make a new proper mold for it”?

This is very simple. It would NO LONGER be an earlier generation casting. It would be a later generation casting. Farther removed from the original intended form.

Will I be “cleaning –up” the helmet? Absolutely not. The only way to ensure that our members get as close to the real deal as possible, is to leave it be! They will be cleaner castings already, because of the mold changing hands. If I were to “Clean-up” anything, I would then have to mold it AGAIN. Therefore see the paragraph above ;) It would be sterilized.

There are also some of you that have pointed out a particular detail that was considered questionable about the casting that was brought to the board late last year. The forehead arrows. They are indeed skewed a bit to the right. And their shapes are not quite as refined as the “Screen” helmet. Just like the “Rubies Deluxe” :lol: There is a very logical answer to this. But let me first say, this is absolutely not a “Rubies Deluxe” :lol: ;)

These castings were originally considered “Screen Castings”. This is NOT accurate. This helmet NEVER saw screen time. Why? Because it was a “Pre-Production ILM/Fox Casting”. The very same casting that is said the “Rubies Deluxe” originated from. But VERY much like the Boba Fett “Mystery Helmet” and “Don Post” history…. Rubies “Raped” (altered drastically) their scanned/copied master before their limited production :lol: It is still unclear to me at this point as to if Rubies actually 3d scanned it, or were allowed to copy it directly, but nevertheless, they reeeeeeely boned it after that :lol: And unlike the Boba Fett “Mystery Helmet”, this Jango “Mystery Helmet” origin goes directly back to ILM/Fox, not Rubies. (The Boba “Mystery” was obtained through Don Post after some alterations had already been made to it)

Does this mean that this Jango “Mystery” casting is not worth a dime because it never saw screen time? Absolutely NOT. It's origin is STILL an ILM/Fox made studio helmet. It is the same shape and size as the “Screen” helmet in every respect. As close as anyone will get to the “Screen” helmet anyway, at least in the foreseeable future. The only problem, is that a minor detail (forehead arrows) were not refined on the helmet because it was never used in production. It is my hope that this clears the air a bit on this detail.

The "Key Slots" are indeed a seperate piece. I have obtained this mold as well :)

On one final note …

There are only 2 of these molds in existence. At least for now :lol: One is owned by the former Episode II employee mentioned above (TAKEN DIRECTLY OFF OF AN ILM HELMET), and now the other (MOLDED OFF OF A CASTING FROM MOLD NUMBER ONE) by yours truly. The “other” mold will NOT be used to produce castings. That being said …

From this point forth, any casting made available by any other entity other than “myself “, will NOT be as early in generation as what this mold can produce. Period. It will be a “Recast” of a “Recast”, of a “Recast”, etc.. Again, farther removed from the shape of the original intended object.

Undoubtedly, there will be “others” that may be inclined to “recast” a casting from this mold that they may own … well, technically it is a “Gray” area, just as the Boba Fett “Mystery Helmet” is. No one technically “owns” it’s rights, as it is the intellectual property of LFL/Fox. So I can’t stand before anyone and say “Shame on you” :lol: But if for some reason any “others” do … it is at the risk of their own reputation. There will be NO denying where it came from this time. You get the point ;)

In summary –

Limited edition castings. Not for Profit. The mold itself is a “Trophy” enough for me to add to my own collection for posterity. If this thread gets ugly, I will ask that it be locked down, if the mods don’t get to it first :lol:

That’s it. Those that are interested can post it here, and I will start a list if there is enough interest. Please do not PM me about anything other than it’s history. The price is TBD. But I assure you, it will be fair enough for a TRACEABLE studio casting, and less than what the source was selling his castings for :D IF THIS THREAD BECOMES AN INTEREST THREAD, it will undoubtedly be moved to the Cargo Hold.

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Cruzer said:
I wonder if a link to this thread in the Jango forum would be a good idea, FP.



Yes ... I SERIOUSLY BONED that one didn't I :lol:

Comin right up. I'm sure the mods will move it later.

If something is verified authentic you know it's history I'm confused what the mystery would be. Also if it traceable then would it not be an unauthorized copy aka not legally obtained and kind of putting you arse out on a limb here as far as liability?

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Rogue Studios said:
If something is verified authentic you know it's history I'm confused what the mystery would be. Also if it traceable then would it not be an unauthorized copy aka not legally obtained and kind of putting you arse out on a limb here as far as liability?


Hey Bud

:lol: I only referred to it as a "Jango Mystery" because that is what it's come to be known as by the members here after it was introduced to the board some months ago. There is no "Mystery" in it technically, as it's history has been known for sometime, but not by everyone equally.

You are absolutely correct in that "Technically" it is an un-authorized copy, not legally obtained ... and yes, it does put my arse out there :lol: But so is 90% of everything we come across in this hobby as I see it. Although there are times that a C&D has looked pretty "Good" to me (saving me from myself :lol: ), in a particular case such as this, as long as it is not a venture for profit, I think it is an acceptable risk. My only desire is to offer the opportunity of owning one of these castings for personal enjoyment to the members here that might be interested. As I said in my initial post, if there is not enough interest ... the mold is a trophy enough for me. I'm good with it either way. My investment is my cross to bear (I'm sure you can relate to that). Just trying to give something back to TDH :)

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I gotta say, great buy FP! That will definetly sit high on the “trophy” case.(y)

RS has the helmet plug, FP has his helmet mold! Will someone hurry up and get there hands on some screen used Boba Armor soon!:)
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fettpride said:
Just trying to give something back to TDH :)

FP, you already give quite a bit to TDH. (y) Most of the top Boba's on the board have one piece or another of FP magic on their person. And now you bring us something for Jango! :cheers

Thanks for offering this piece to TDH.

Put me down as interested.
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