Is this pic of the real suit?


Sr Hunter
Hi all,
Can anyone verify if this pic is of a screen used costume? Or a fan costume?
Any info is appreciated! :)

I believe that is the shot from the bridge of the star destroyer in ESB when all the bounty hunters are lined up. That would be the real suit.

No, unfortunately, that's the whole image. I ran a Google image search for Boba's shoulders, since the left one is usually partially covered by the cape.
Remember, although it's subtle, the ESB and ROTJ shoulder deacals are different. Use the search feature to find the thread that shows an example of all the shoulder deacals and their differences.

Man, I love that picture of Boba Fett!
Prymer13 said:
Hold your horses cowboy! Aren't you doing an ROTJ color Scheme?

Yeah, I am. But I can't find any pics of the back half of that shoulder bell!!! It's driving me CrAAzzyYy!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! I'm freaking out!!! :lol:
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