Is There A Line Up Shot of Helmets? To compare?


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Just wondering if someone has a good hot of say all the different examples of Lids that have been available to purchase. Like Don Post regular / Deluxe / Australian lid / Rubies / fiberglass movie size...etc.

Reason I ask, is I think I might attempt to make my own lid after seeing the tutorial that was recently posted. I do own a 96 Don Post, which isn't mishaped at all, and I guess if I'm going to try my hands at making my own now, I would like to get it bigger in size. So if maybe a shot is available of helmets side by side that would be great.

Also does anyone have measurements???? close to the deluxe???

Thanks In advance.

P.S. I have searched the forum, but haven't come across anything..
I haven't had time to double check if there's anything there that would be of assistance, but you might want to check out

There's also a side by side comparison of the MLC next to a re-worked DP97 in the MLC bucket thread if that's of any use.

Hope this helps.

Got some shots of Hand-Schaub aluminum ESB Boba resculpt versus DP97 on left and DP95 FG on the right. DP helmets courtesy of Chrima.


HS Boba resculpt vs. DPdlx FG

HS metal Jango and MLC


You would think I was biased or something :)
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